17 December 2008

Done Period

My T9 Word texting on my phone is not able to perform acts of punctuation, so in order to avoid driving Lynne Truss to insanity, I sometimes rely on spelling out my punctuation to get the point across- like in the title of this post. But, punctuation is not the topic of this post, because really, can you ever be done with punctuation? Never, no never. What you can be done with, though, is a semester. And that, my friends, is what I have accomplished. I worked my tail off this past weekend (which spilled onto Monday and Tuesday) in order to finish all my finals and grant myself relaxation the rest of this week. I had a Theory of Analysis test at 7am on Monday morning which restricted my sleep drastically on Sunday night. I suppose that's why it is referred to as a day of rest and not a night of rest, eh? After celebrating my learning with assessments (a.k.a Finals in the pessimistic world) I celebrated my accomplishments with a full day of SLC skiing at Brighton with my brother (coloring in all those letters was tedious; please pretend to enjoy it to help me feel better about the time I spent doing it). We had a delightful time (skiing, not coloring in those letters). There was good snow and good skiing the entire day. As always, we had more spills than a 4-year-old making a fruit smoothie for Jamba Juice. Thursday I will be back on the slopes, and Friday I am preparing to go H-O-M-E!


Lyndsi Shae* said...

Dave, "celebrating your learning with assessments"?

Celebration-- terminated.
Punctuation-- .;,"'!(
... I still like it.

brook said...

i'm totally jealous. way to rock your finals!
and fyi, i'm LOVING the "brighton" coloring. best thing this blog has EVER produced.