29 May 2008

America the B-E-A-UTIFUL: Part II

Well, not only is the judicial system in America beautiful, but the landscape of America is likewise drenched with pulchritude. Over Memorial Day weekend I travelled to Bar Harbor, Maine with my family and some catercousins. We hiked in the nationally acclaimed national park of this united nation, Acadia, sauntered along Maine's sole sandy beach (that I am aware of), watched the sun fall from Cadillac Mountain and parambulated down Main St. In addition, we ate blueberries, lobster, looked for a moose and made a weak sauce attempt at meeting someone named Sal. You'll recall, I'm sure, from your youth, the book "Blueberries for Sal," set in Maine. If I had one more comma in that sentence you'd think I was writing this comma-tose. There is something unique about sitting in the sun on a rock looking out over the vast expanse of the ocean doted with lobster buoys, listening to sea bells clanging with the waves; and I think I know what it is. It's a five letter word that begins with P and rhymes with fleece. Yes, you guessed it, Piece. A piece of Heaven, that's what the feeling is (or was it Peace? You decide). It's a feeling of thoughtfullness, serenity, Elyssium and calm. The Ocean is an incredible creature, calm as a summer's morning one day and wicked as a gaggle of mother geese protecting their young the next. If you've never encountered a gaggle of geese protecting their babies, consider wrath like you can't even imagine. All in all, I'd rate Maine and my Memorial Day peregrination with a mighty A-.

27 May 2008

America the B-E-A-UTIFUL: Part I

From now on you can officially refer to me by the title "Juror #1," for that is the most important civil title I will ever hold (unless I become Foreman Bennett, but that's at least three years away). Last Wednesday I reported to Lowell to serve as a juror, and I was selected as Juror Numero Uno. (I'll pause here for your applause.) For the next successive three days I travelled back to Lowell (Lowell was named after Mike Lowell, I'm pretty sure of that) to hear an enrapturing back-and-forth between a healthcare group and an insurance company about who should pay some patient bills incurred in the early Millenium. It seemed like a really insignificant argument, but I gained a lot from the experience. For example, I learned that eight residents of Massachusetts can be called in together and trusted to find the truth, and they will. I felt a unique bond with my fellow jurors and we were mostly unanimous (is that even possible?) in our opinions and decisions. We had a ball discussing the dramatics of the lawyers and the intricities of the courtroom. We were appalled at some testimonies, and dazzled at others, all in an effort to find the truth. This positive experience as Juror #1 has helped me realize how wonderful and blessed of a country we live in. Our Judicial System is up and running fairly smoothly, and we as Americans are helping to resolve disputes and correct wrongs. Amen to America the Beautiful!

18 May 2008

Boston's Spectacular Sports

This weekend was a good time to be invovled in Boston Sports. On Friday the Boston Buckteeth defeated the Tallahassee Taproots in a thrilling match of badminton. The hard-fought victory made them the Eastern Conference finalists of the Badminton Athletics Department of Jousting, Origami, Kneeling and Entertaining, known more commonly by their acronymic label, B.A.D.J.O.K.E.
Don't worry, I didn't spend too much time on that one (but do keep in mind that I'm done with school at 3:00PM everyday so "too much time" is very relative!). But enough frivolty for one entry right? Let's get on to more important things, like the Celtics and Red Sox! This weekend the BoSox commenced interleague play with a three game sweep of Prince Fielder and the Brewsters. Let me just say that my buddy Prince in Milwaukee needs to change his last name to "batter" or "slugger" as opposed to Fielder. It just isn't filicitous as is. At the Garden, the C's put Cleveland away in seven exhilarating games. This year I have grown an appreciation for basketball that has never been experienced in my family before, and not only because we have a winning team this year. The real roots lie in my playing of the game. Every since I got cut from my seventh grade BBall team, I have had a sour taste in my mouth for leather balls. But then I joined an intramural team this Winter, and had a ball playing ball! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole season! So when I got home I started playing with some men from my Church as well. Every time I play I appreciate the game a little more. And plus, it's easy to be a fan on a team with as much Spirit as the Celtics. Yes sir, I do enjoy a good basketball game both playing and spectating.

12 May 2008

A Travelogue Blog Without a Dog, a Hog or Smog

Let's see, what's on my mind that would be worthwhile enough to include on a web log? There's my beard, my job, my travels, the recent and upcoming nuptials of some of my best friends and the Red Sox and Celtics. How about we discuss my travels today? Not literally where I travelled today, but rather on this day I will write about where I have been and where I am going. Two weekends ago I went to the thriving metropolis of Durham, NH to visit my good friend who is a student of the fine University of New Hampshire. I was only there one night but we filled our time with a band concert, an all-you-can-eat dining hall, a leisurely breakfast and a tour of the campus. I had a great time and fell in love with New Hampshire again. Then this past weekend I was back up North to watch my father complete a half-marathon around Lake Winnepasauke (of "What About Bob?" fame). My mother, brother and I went to "The Olde Alton Bay Diner" for breakfast whilst the athletes ran their little hearts out. It was a quick and early trip to New Hampshire but enjoyable nonetheless. This weekend I will be in town, but the following Sunday and Saturday I am going to Acadia, Maine. Maine is the vacation land and truly I will be vacationing there. Even before you go to the inland, Maine has a gorgeous coast. Two weeks after that I will be in New York. All of these mini-trips are destined to be good destinations and quite congenial.
P.S. Kids say the darndest things: During 'quick-share' at school one seven-year-old shared, "I think my grandpa is an alien because he puts ketchup on everything... except hot dogs!" The next child shared the following, "Well, I put ketchup on everything but I'm not an alien!" What do we learn from this story? That using ketchup is not grounds for ET classification, contrary to popular belief.

07 May 2008

Comfy, Cozy Day and My Comfy, Cozy Job

Today was comfy, cozy day at work and indeed it was comfy and quite cozy. While I didn't wear my jammies, I did wear jeans and a Red Sox shirt. I just didn't think it would be appropriate to come to work on my sixth day wearing my birthday suit. No, I'm just kidding, I have very respectable pajamas. On comfy, cozy day the students are allowed to wear their PJs all day, bring in stuffed animals, and we only do a limited amount of work. Instead of science, for example, we did crafts and had some free time. Some of the kids made stethoscopes to treat their patients with broken legs... I love my job. I don't think the kids are used to having an adult male in the class and some things about me just baffle them, soliciting some curious questions (but wait, aren't all questions curious, you might ask?), such as "Mr. Bennett, how tall are you?" and "Mr. Bennett, are you growing a beard?" I have oodles of fun with them.

02 May 2008

David Has a Job (Nope, Not as a Professional Blogger... Yet)!

Yes family and friends, save that breath; I know what you want to ask and I have the answer: I have a full time job! I applied to be a substitute teacher in the Belmont School District and what I got was a full time position for the rest of the year as an aide in a second grade classroom. They were looking for a replacement, I was looking for a job, karma stepped in (Mom showed her the way) and the next thing I knew I was meeting with the principal to be offered the job! I am pretty stoked about it. The hours are good, the pay is good, the kids are lovable and the timing was supreme. I get done by 2:35 each day so I still have time to take a nap, do yardwork, eat ice cream, work out or all of the above, all before supper (I'm in Boston now, so dinner become supp-ah). I will be at my job for the rest of the school year, at least until I leave for Costa Rica. Let me just say that second grade is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! We are learning about worms (Some worms can grow up to the length of a car! Wow!) in science, fractions in math, and short vowels in English. Do you know what a short vowel is? Plus there's recess, lunch, gym, music and a comfy, cozy day next Wednesday! And I haven't even been to school on a Monday or Tuesday yet! We've had a cat and a turtle during News Time, but no gimcracks. This summer is really shaping up nicely. Stay tuned to learn more about my duties.

01 May 2008

May Day! May Day! Fenway Disportment!

On Wednesday April 30th 2008 I went to see the Red Sox vs. Blue Jays at Fenway Park. The entire experience was bliss. I went with Thomas which is always a party, and we took the bus to Comm. Ave. which made for a little adventure (keep in mind I am easily entertained). Just being down on Yawkey Way around game time is inflaming; the street vendors, the fans, the paraphernalia, the crowds and the excitement all add to an aura not to be found anywhere else around Boston. Thomas and I had good seats too, in the grandstand. We had a great view of Manny, and the whole infield. We danced to all the songs and joked about the people who danced... when there was no music playing. We cheered, we 'waved,' we yelled, we cavorted and revelled in our merry company. It was an evening match and the Fenway lights shone like the midday sunshine on a warm beach. I'm not so sure that's really a good analogy, come to think of it. The Sox won of course, in a dramatic 9th inning fashion that only the Beantown's Best can do. Dice-K and McGowan had quite the pitchers joust through the seventh inning, holding their opponents to one hit each. But then in the bottom of the 9th, Ortiz got to second (Lowrie was the Pinch Runner) with Manny on first. Brandon Moss hit a good solid hit up the middle to Vernon Wells in center with one out, but Lowrie got mowed down on his way from second to home by Wells' mechanic arm. That put Manny on second and Cpt. Varitek at the plate. Well, leave it up to Varitek and you shouldn't be disappointed. He cranked one up the center (mimicking the previous hit) and Manny bolted home. The throw to the plate wasn't perfect this time and Manny hustled his way in. The crowd went wild and the dugout came out to congratulate Manny and Varitek, appropriately. We got everything at the game: an Ortiz home run, a Pedroia Destroya play, drama in the ninth, a win, "Sweet Caroline" in the 8th and a whole lot more in between... I love the Sox! Rating: A+