25 August 2010

Movie Reviews

This summer I have seen deluged with movies, mostly because it only costs $3 to see the new releases in the theater (in Thailand). I saw most of the Summer blockbusters this year and my brief thoughts on them are below:
  • Robin Hood (2010): If you are going to make a movie called Robin Hood don't make the only similarity between the new movie and the old one be the protagonist having the name Robin. This kind of felt like Gladiator meets a little bird with speckled eggs.
  • Iron Man 2 (2010): It was entertaining, but I don't think it will do much for the Russian/American relations. Do all Russians have tattoos and knowledge of bionic men?
  • Prince of Persia (2010): Finally, a quality movie about Persian time travel! I've been waiting ever since Aladdin was released in 1892.
  • Eclipse (2010): I wrote a full review here, but in short I am team Bella. She's a big girl- she can make her own decisions.
  • Inception (2010): You've already seen it so I really don't need to delve into much. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's fight scenes in the zero gravity hotel were pretty much the greatest cinematic accomplishment of the August.
  • Alice in Wonderland (2010): Eh.
  • Invictus (2010): I'm not sure if I was watching a movie about rugs or a personal Nelson Mandela memoir. The Persian rugs were nice, though I'm not sure why they caused such discontent in South Africa.
  • Date Night (2010): Unnecessarily indecorous.
  • Clash of the Titans (2010): If I were trapped in a foxhole with only a personal DVD player and a copy of Clash of the Titans I wouldn't even risk putting the movie in the player for the screen light. The risk would be too great that the movie might actually turn on and start playing.

23 August 2010

Homeward Bound

I am home from Asia after a 25 hour travel day that somehow took me backwards in time, meaning that even though I traveled for 25 hours by my stopwatch I still arrived in Chicago before I left Tokyo. It's all pretty weird if you ask me, and I'm not sure what all happened to my body but I'm hoping the third arm coming out of my shoulder will go away soon. It's cool and all, but also means I have to wear really loose shirts all the time.
Anyway, I am home in America and my sisters and their husbands came up to make a little reunion of it all this weekend. Seeing my sister Emily in her pregnant state was a real shock to me. You'd have thought I would have picked up on it when my Mom said, "David, your sister is going to have a baby" or my Dad telling me "David, Emily is having a girl" but still I just did not make the connection between having a baby and having a perfectly orblike love sac in your belly. So there she was with a big ol' medicine ball under her shirt on my front step. Have you ever seen a pregnant woman? No no no, not in the mall or in the maternity unit, but in real life. They are actually extant here in America, right here in Boston in fact!
Having a pregnant sister certainly has its perks (or humps). It means people are nice to you always and let you sit down when no one else gets to, like in the standing-room-only section or at the dinner table. It also means I get to be an uncle for the first time. Since my brother is in Argentina for another year I get a good head start at being the favorite uncle. I'm going to have to eliminate her husband's 27 brothers first, but there's so many of them they probably don't even remember who's pregnant, my sister or her husband. Not much to worry about there.
She's due this Autumn, and I'm pretty excited.