23 October 2011

Annual Tribute to October

Relaxing with Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.
It's been confirmed- Autumn is still my favorite season! The weather over the past three October weekends has been phenomenal in DC and I have taken as much advantage of it as possible.
Three weeks ago I went to Monticello and Charlottesville with Anne and Peter. The drive was beautiful, the sights were gorgeous, and the University of Virginia was stately. But even still, the highlight had to be our trip to Waffle House. We had a classic, Southern experience there... and then walked straight over to Taco Bell afterwards without even moving the car. I'm pleased to report that I have now been to a Waffle House and been called "dear" by our septagenarian, African American waitress no less then four times.
The next weekend I went on a motorcycle ride like no other. For years I have dreamed of owning a motorcycle and riding it down a windy, leafy parkway on a warm, sunny day. Last Sunday I made that dream come true. It exceeded my expectations. I found a route and rode leisurely along under the quiet overhanging, colorful trees. Even though I don't always fit the motorcycle stereotype I felt no anomie on this occasion. In addition to the wonderful ride I also went pumpkin picking. I enjoyed the marketplace with all its spicy, sweet smells and the appearance of freshly-picked-and-therefore-not-perfect-apples. Pumpkin flavored goodness abounded and we filled four wheelbarrows full of pumpkins.
The next weekend (this current one) I went out and played softball with some friends. To me you can't talk about Autumn without discussing baseball (and softball). I have been enjoying the MLB playoffs (Though not as much as I could...) and being able to play softball under the canopy of fiery trees was just the icing on the cake. I can't safely say it's been a good week, but at least the Autumn atmosphere has helped alleviate my mood.
Pumpkin Picking in Maryland.