24 July 2008


SPAM Jam! Do those words strick terror in your heart? Do they make you think of processed meat loaf? Do you think of ham with a mystery "S" ingredient? If so, you are a mainlander. If they invoke feelings of deliciousness and gustatory pleasures, you must be from Hawai'i. For some strange reason the Islanders love SPAM-even McDonald's includes SPAM in many of their meals, including "SPAM and eggs" on the breakfast menu. Because of its popularity, it only seemed appropriate that we throw my brother a surprise SPAM Jam birthday party to ring in the 19th anniversary of his birthdate. The surprise worked incredibly well (he had no idea, and everyone he knew was there hiding when he walked in) and the food was, dare I even say it, spectacular. We had SPAM and rice with pineapple, a SPAM and pineapple bake with an apricot & mustard glaze, and coconut SPAM fritters. The greatest compliment of the night came from a native Hawai'ian who said, "Man, I love SPAM and I have never had these recipes before! This is great!" For dessert we had my brother's favorite, brownies, brownies and more brownies. Let me just say, SPAM is not that bad. Sure it looks nasty, smells putrid and rolls out of the can like coagulated turkey gravy, but it doesn't tast all that bad. Especially with pineapple. Maybe these Hawai'ians are onto something here...

13 July 2008

A Triathalon, The Hawaiian Way

I did a sprint triathalon this week! What, what! I decided to be dexterous and span the triathalon over five days so as to maximize my efficiency. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I ran, on Thursday I swam, and on Friday I biked. In hindsight I am thrilled that I did it all, but during the ardous process I was tired and sore, especially the next days (there were six of them). I decided to improve my image here in Hawaii, which includes bronze skin and a healthier body. It's fun to go to a new place where no one knows you and be able to start some new things over, such as a workout schedule! Anyway, I love working out and going to the beach and there is plenty of time for both here in Hawai'i. Aloha!

06 July 2008

Beaching on the North Shore

When you look at the pictures of seals just lounging on the beach do you, like me, think to yourself, "Man those seafaring animals are lucky!" But then I think to myself, "Man, I am lucky! I get to go to the beach everyday too!" Yes, the questions plugging up my mind this week were 'What beach should I go to?' and the more pressing scruple, 'When?' On Thursday it was off to the North Shore to Waimea Beach, in archetypal surfer fashion. I almost loved the ride to the beach as much as I loved the beach. Picture this in your mind, Me (or a generic person, such as Aunt Jemima), sitting in the back seat of a car running on empty, no shoes and the windows down. My buddy in the front seat has no shirt on, Jack Johnson is blasting "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" as we drive through his neighborhood, the sun is beaming smiles on us and there are beautiful people and sand everywhere. At the beach we did back flips off a huge rock into the warm, blue ocean and laid out for a few late-afternoon hours. On the way back we stopped at a little cafette (I made that word up, don't use it in a research paper) and admired the geckos. There was no "No Shirt No Shoes No Service" sign and indeed we pushed it to the limit, shirtless and shoeless. Hawaii is a wonderful place, even if it did just appear out of nowhere in the middle of the ocean.

01 July 2008

Working Hard During Summer Term... Surf Style...

The day after I got home from Costa Rica, I turned right around and flew just about as far from Boston as I could (the warrant out for my arrest was heating up and my affiliates recommeded I leave quickly). After 12 hours of flying, approximately the same amount of time it takes a sloth to get down from a tree, I landed in Hawaii after having made such good friends with my seatmate that we decided to room together while in Laie. The arrangement has worked out swimmingly; we are as close as brothers already. Can I just give a great big Hawaiian "Aloha!" to all my Peeps here on the Islands? Let me say that I absolutely love this state. I believe it was the last to join the other 49, and we truly saved the best for last. Oh how I love Thee, let me count the waves. First, I love my school. BYU-Hawaii was clearly an inspired idea. I love my teachers, I love the eclectic student body (I've met people from Cambodia, Pakistan, Korea, Japan, China and all over the South Pacific including Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Hawaii) and the small campus. I love the facilities (yea know, like the weight room and library) and the close proximity to the beach. I love to surf and I love the consistently perfect weather with gentle, tropical breezes replenishing my skin daily. I love my new friends and I love the relaxed schedule. I go to class in the morning and then do my homework inbetween surfing, while laying out on the beach in the afternoon. That is a lot of ways. Yes, Hawaii is the best archipelago I have ever been too.