20 June 2011


Yep, last week was an expensive one. But seriously, how could you pass that up? Blogosphere, please meet Stella. Stella is my new Honda Nighthawk CB750. She is everything I ever imagined her to be and more. For those of you who don't see my often, I will fill you in. I took a Motorcycle Safety class two weeks ago and fell in love with riding. I became afflicted with Motorcycle Mania and the only cure was a bike. I searched for hours online for a good bike until I laid eyes on the one above. I knew I had to have her. So I bought her and some accessories (insurance, registration, a helmet) and now I ride her. She is amazing. She was unnamed when I found her but I think she looks like a Stella. So Stella she is.

10 June 2011

Duck Beach

Last week I had an amazing time on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You see, it was Duck Beach Week. If you haven't heard that's sort of the equivalent of a Mormon Spring Break. Girls gone mild, if you will. Lots of Mormon Singles strutting their stuff on the beach without the umbra of alcohol, sex, or drugs. To me it had the feeling of a great reunion. I had friends from Utah, West Virginia, and Kansas fly in just for the event and it was great to see them all. There was food galore, volleyball all day everyday, and parties, games, and hot tub-ing in the evenings. There was Zumba, hammock flirting, crab catching (one pinched me and drew blood), midnight stargazing, sand castle building, Church, and beach cruising. My house housed twenty people and had a billiards room, theater room with a 72" television and stadium style leather couches, a pool and hot tub, two stories of wrap around decks, and a full size sand volleyball court in the back. There's just too much to write about.