19 April 2009

March, then April, then May, Usually

Finals are nearly final, the semester is simmering slowly southward, and my plane ticket home is purchased. It must be April. Yes, it is April. It comes every year after March and before May (except in 1499, when Nicollo Machiavelli officially banned April for one year in an effort to celebrate his thirtieth birthday sooner, which was on 3 May). Like the rest of my life, this semester was marked by two things- skiing and food. I skiied every week, and ate every day. Sometimes even two or three times a day. I worked hard, took some exams, and even made it to the gym once. I played a lot of basketball, funded an entire Dollar-Theater-employee's college education one movie at a time, celebrated Flag day of Canada (I celebrated by eating maple syrup, watching hockey, and making a 'gushing' noise like I was at Niagara Falls) and I did a lot of math. And by a lot, I mean if you could quantify how much math I did, and put it into a container, the container would have to be at least as big as three of the four compartments in a heifer's stomach. This Summer I have much to look forward to. Running in Hyde park in the morning, eating shortbread at the Orangery, and the crepuscular magic of London and the Theatre. April sure is a nice month. Maybe I will name one of my children April. She will have to be my fourth child though, becuase I already have three great unisex names picked out: Malachi, Jamal, and Ezra.


Tyler said...

So when do we get to see the london stuff?

Lauren Palmer said...

There is nothing unisex about Malachi, Jamal, or Ezra. I would cry my whole life if I were a girl named any of those things.
I'm moving back to Boston in the beginning on May... will I see you there? When do you leave for London?

Brian said...

Dave! Your blog makes me laugh. I'm going to have to agree with Lauren (Hi Lauren!) and say that those are really not very unisex names. Cool, yes. Unisex, no. Why don't you try more boy/girl friendly names like Mary, Suzanne or Laquisha? Image your firstborn boy, who you gave the unisex name of Mabel, being announced as he runs out onto the football field full of pride and vigor. Is the crowd going to cheer him on or wonder what their great aunt Mabel (pronounced "ont") is doing on the field and out of her rest home? Your future wife may want to aid you in the effort of naming your children. Maybe your trip to London will help you in your search for great names for your children...or for your wife? :)

Lyndsi Shae* said...

Are Malachi and Jamal really unisex David? Really?

I now see that everyone else is concerned about the same. Except Ezra is ballin-- I'd be that name for sure.

(T.S. Eliot has been outed about a few disagreeable things-- so feel free to bash that mess.)

PS-- can I hear the gushing noise?

brook said...

when i become queen of london, i will also ban april to get to may 8th sooner. that is the best idea i've ever heard.

Carly said...

David you always leave the best comments on our blog. Let me tell you that you can have the "unisex" names of Malachi, Jamal, and Ezra. We aren't considering any of them for our little female fetus.

Oh, and also, my word verification to leave this comment is perthead. That's kind of funny.