23 May 2009

Irish Pubs

Irish Pubs are known the world over for their cascading beer, disemboguing music and laundering leprechauns. I may have made that last one up. While in Dublin I went to an Irish pub, Oliver St. John's Gogarty, and ate bar food and drank from a Guinness pint. I dined on Shepard's pie and the P.H.A.T.test fries I have ever had. Each chip was like a little hotdog, without the meat or curvature that is usually associated with a dog in a bun. My Guiness pint was filled to the brim several times, each time with "vokda on the rocks- shaken not stirred- but hold the vodka and the rocks, but add water." The bartender was confused at the initial request, but after three pints she had me figured out like a model on a diet. :) That was a Wallace original. The music was the most entertaining of all, however. We heard two groups perform live, the latter having a fiddle, guitar, accordian, and some sort of strange Irish drum. It was high energy and full of imbibing. One of the guitarists downed six pints of beer during his two hour set. I don't even think I could drink six "vodka on the rocks- shaken not stirred- but hold the vodka and rocks, but add water" in one evening without feeling a little loopy. I suppose only an Irishman could drink six pints of Guinness and still strum coherently. For those of you who really know me, you will be shocked at what I am about to disclose. I stayed out at Gogarty's until 00.30! The music was so great and I figured it was probably the only chance I'd have to chill at an Irish pub in Dublin, so I made the most of it. It was a splendid evening.

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Nate said...

you crazy dog you, staying out so late. sounds pretty fun man.