20 May 2009

The Luck O' De Irish

My European travels have brought me to Dublin this week. Actually, Ryanair brought me over here; my European travels are inanimate. I only arrived here this morning so I don't have too much to say, except that I have already been to several pubs, Trinity College, Dublin Castle, and the Chester Beatty Library. Oh yes, lest I forget, we also visited the Revenue Museum. For the non-Irish, the Revenue Museum might not make sense, but allow me to relate it in terms that a Russian might understand: Vlykostra puokli dyztrovs yiddosh astragnerky. If the Revenue Museum was in the United States, it would be called the IRS Museum. It was all about people collecting money and protecting money. The pubs we went too were very Irish, but unfortunately none of them served food on Wednesdays. Some sort of Hump Day discrimination that's been going on since the 60's. Trinity college was old, and the Dublin Castle was older. The highlight of the day was the Chester Beatty Library. It was hailing at the time and the biblioteca was a welcomed respite from the rain. They had an exhibit on Islam and Christianity that was enlightening and inspiring. I think I might convert to Islam. Just kidding. I did gain an awesome appreciation for their beliefs, however. Now I want to go to Saudi Arabia. But not anytime soon. Speaking of travel, I am going to Paris, France (as opposed to Paris, Poland) and Greece, Greece (as opposed to Greece, Australia) when I am done in London. If you have been to either of those locales, and have some suggestions for me or my Athenian bust that I will be taking with me, please make a comment. If you do so, be sure to specify if the suggestion is for me or the Athenian bust, just in case its not clear.


Becky said...

While in Europe in general, I suggest you taste the best chocolate ever made...the Belgian brand called Cote d'Or...I prefer the hazelnut-paste-filled bars (that sounds gross, the way I just described it, but it's delicious). It will probably be available in Paris, maybe in London.

Ch_d R_gers said...

I imagine while in Greece you will confine yourself to the mainland. However, if you do leave the Athens via boat, my favorite place in the world (other than the temple) is Santorini, Greece. There is no more beautiful place in the secular world.

In Athens,I imagine you already know the big places. Another option: I ran a lap at the first modern Olympic stadium (which I doubt I could do now)in Athens. Enjoy.


Have you gotten with any chicks yet?

Bethany said...

GREECE! And PARIS! Yay! Yeah, Temple of Poseidon = my favorite place on the mainland. Cape Sounion. GO THERE. And Paris! Le sigh! I am so utterly jealous of all your European travels! And by the way, I want to go to Ireland SO bad! Fun times!