21 June 2009

The Church Tour

A portion of the Glass at The Chapped Saint. I believe this was Song of Solomon?
The Moulin Rouge. Me. Little children. Grey and white shirt.
Sacre-Coeur, the basilica. That white statue in the corner was a live person. Live for now anyway.
Our third day in Paris was just as all third days in Paris should be, sunny and sacred. It was Sunday so we thought it would be appropriate to go to Church. Normally we would go to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but on this particular occasion we didn't know exactly where it was and we still didn't speak French. Instead, we did a Church tour of Sacre-Coeur and Sainte Chapelle. Sacre-Coeur is a basilica perched atop a French hill. Tourists dripped down its mountainous sides, teeming with sweat as they purchased jimcrack for no other purpose than to make the customs declaration queue longer for the rest of us. The basilica- whose name translation is Sacred Heart- had the most gorgeous mosaic of Jesus Christ in the rear interior dome. It was bold and conflated brilliantly. After the Church we walked with our blinders on to The Moulin Rouge, which wasn't really an appropriate Sunday activity. We'll leave it at that. Then off to Sainte Chapelle! The Chapped Saint, as I call it when I am feeling cixelsyd, is a cathedral with approximately 18 different stained class window segments telling the entire story of the Bible, from Genesis 1 to the Cruxifiction and the the Apocalypse. Very stunning. Previous to this third day, which I have not made mention of ...yet... was a river cruise down the Seine. For only five Euros ($7) we motored down the river at sunset for an hour. We saw all the sights from the water, including The Berlin Wall, Machu Picchu, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the Taj Mahal. I was really impressed with how much they were able to fit in to such a short amount of time and a limiting river. Those French are pretty amazing! When the cruise wrapped up we got some Nutella and bananananananana crepes and gazed fixedly on the Tower twinkle. The Eiffel Tower deserves a lengthy post of its own, which you should expect soon.

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Emily said...

You make me want to go to Paris so badly! I am glad you got to see so many amazing things.