27 June 2009

An Introduction to the Paradise Hostel

Thank goodness for chaste women protecting their menfolk! What a great place!
There was copious amounts of space in our barrack! We just didn't even know what to do with all our stuff! The white walls were really well done, too.
Does this help you see what type of caliber our hostel was?

The adventuresome thing about hostels is that they run the whole gamut and you can never be sure what your accommodations are going to be when you reserve a living quarter (notice my careful choice of words there. See below). When we made the reservation for Mykonos we figured a hostel named "Paradise" must be an Elysium. What we learned, however, was that paradisiacal preferences are as varied as the hues of white available from Benjamin Moore. For instance, had we been gay nudists, the Paradise resort truly would have been idyllic! But, being straight raiment-ers, the setting was less than perfect. That is correct, our beach was a gay nude beach. How did we overlook that when we made our reservations? Alternatively, it's possible that the Grinch was just on Mykonos and stole all the clothes, so the naked men held hands to cope and to sing? I wouldn't rule it out, anyway. Well, when in Rome do as the Romans... so...
The theme of the trip was A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E and that's what we got. We got so much of it you'd think we were at an all-you-can-eat buffet serving adventure, adventuresome, adventurous and adventured. (That was a David original and it might get deleted before final publication.) When we saw our living quarter we were less than impressed. It wasn't much of a room, or anything for that matter. I think my window frame is bigger and less revealing than our room was. I'm impressed that they even fit two beds in there. I would describe our "twin bedroom" as a a bunker/barrack/Scout camp/trench/rabbit hole. It was in the beach camping division of the Paradise Hostel, and indeed our neighbors slept in roomy tents. Our campsite mates were the Senegalese beach vendors. It was ironic to get hawked a pair of sunglasses at 14:00 and then sleep next to the same guy at 20:00. The windows had some really fancy wooden slabs over them, and there was blood on the wall. The girls' one light didn't work, and amazingly we got the internet! It's funny to be offered the internet but not room for your suitcase.


Jessica Sorenson said...

David. Wallace.
I don't really know what to call you anymore, but that's alright:) I'm glad that Greece was such an adventure! I have to say, I'm bummed I missed out on Paradise Hostel and the gay nudist beach. But I'm glad you didn't let bad accommodations or awkward beaches keep you from having a good time. Hope your summer is good!


Cat said...

I agree with Jessica. How do I address you? I just don't know. For simple reasons, DWB.

Oh DWB. Your adventures sound incredible, and I am awfully jealous. There are no gay nudists in Austria. But there are crepes with Nutella! Way to keep pure eyes, I am so proud of you. Plus, your writing makes me chuckle out loud like a school girl.