03 July 2009

Party on Greece!

A very random pigeon house at the Paradise? I think the pigeons were used for relaying messages to the mainland, such as "Send more bugs now!"
A nice Church on the waterfront. I couldn't find any pictures of us in the club, so bear with me during these monotonous photos.
Anna, Grant, Me. That's just a funny picture if you ask me. It lookes like Anna and I are a diablo and an angel on his shoulders- but who's who?

Our second night on Mykonos was just as buggy, but twice as exciting as the inauguaral evening. We, The Greece Crew, knew we could not last another night in our barracks if we wanted to return home to America as anything but mosquito fodder. Seeing as it was a pleasant evening, and chaisse lounges were far more enticing than the slabs of wood in our living quarters, we all opined unanimously to sleep on the beach under natural illumination with the breaking waves lulling us to sleep. We did not anticipate the extent of the unnatural illuminations, or the pulsating club beats reverberating in our ears all night, however. Not only was the Paradise Resort known for having a gay, nude beach, but also for being the party hotspot on Mykonos. Our solitary evening of choice for beach snoozing also included an all night dance party-on the beach- featuring none other than the world famous (?) Caal Kennedy! All through the night we longingly looked up at the brilliant stars and wished for Caal to go to bed, although he never did. At five in the morning we were all regrettably awake and still swatting mosquitoes that are apparently now equipped with GPS to better facilitate sucking, so we had a committe meeting to address what to do. Seeing as none of us were willing to go back to our shacks to finish off the night (the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was still affecting us, and we feared a relapse), we decided to just make the most of the rave and join in! So we danced from five until about six thirty in the AM. We were all too loopy to really know what was going on, but we were able to invent an original dance move we called the "Mosquito Swat," wherein you move your hands around your face in a chic like fashion while secretly batting bugs away and protecting your body from being violated in the club (by bugs or course). Yes, Mykonos, you never ceased to amaze or to provide endless and unexpected adventure. If you can't sleep in your bed, I guess you are just expected to dance the night away!


Lauren Palmer said...

Dave, stop blogging about Greece and start blogging about Boston. You could write volumes about me, I'm sure.

Becky said...

Caal and Gps...you're killin' me, David!
P.S. Upon your rave review, I rented Pink Panther 2 and watched it with Grandpa. I think I lost interest half way through, but Bapak laughed his 93 year-old heart out all the way to the end!

T-Benz said...

I just wanted to offer my two cents about that last post. No matter how hard we tried to convince David he refused to listen. It was Carl Kennedy, not Caal Kennedy. Also, in my defense those are bug bites all over my face, not teenage acne.

brook said...