04 September 2009

The Whole Jackson

Jackson Hole was the latter portion of our final, family vacation. [Note the important comma immediately following final, signifying that this is not meant to be my final family, but rather a vacation that could be described as both final, and family-orientated.] After Yellowstone we drove another few hours South (I was very careful to put the right address in so that we didn’t end up in Mexico or Haiti or something) to Wyoming, the only state in America where you can name a city after an orifice, and people will flock to it like bees to honey. There’s not much else to do in Wyoming but look for new, exciting, minatory holes. So that's just what they do. If you want people to come to your town, just name it something exciting like Jackson Hole or Herbert's Wall. However, rather than dig, we chose to raft, hike, eat a Chuckwagon dinner, and attend a rodeo. One person drowned on the Snake river rafting trip. I offered to jump in and save him, but the guide restrained me. Afterwards he explained that the rafting company had a goal this Summer of only three drownings, and the thus far there had been just two. Since it was August and the season was nearly over, he saw this as an opportunity to meet his goal. It didn’t seem ethical to me, but then again neither does living in Wyoming. The rodeo was Western, and we saw a cowboy get knocked out cold on a bucking bronco. When he came to he was talking about beaches in Hawai’i. It kind of makes me want to get knocked out. The chuckwagon dinner was delicious and entertaining, and the hiking was appropriately strenuous. If this blog didn’t make you laugh, you should definitely check out this link to America’s Funniest Home videos. It may be the funniest 30 seconds of my life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfdlSdoVmpc&feature=PlayList&p=14317CF0E571B719&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=16

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