10 October 2009

Math Dedication

Wrqingod: That was meant to say 'Warning!'but apparently my fingers were not in the standard position. These things happen and there isn't much to be done. "But David! You are using a computer! Just press the backspace key." Yes, yes.... We'll see about that.
The aforementioned purported "Warning!" is still in effect, mind you. This post is going to reveal some nerdiness that is possibly unprecedented to your sparkling eyes. This week I took a midterm exam in my Matrix Analysis class. 70 points were in-class, and the remaining 30 were to be taken home. The latter portion was composed of three questions that permeated my mind like tiedye splotched maladroitly onto a blank shirt. (David, are you implying your mind was blank previous to this test? No Comment.) I wanted to ace the take home portion so I thought long and punctiliously about the three problems, but for hours I could receive no direction. Like a shoe with no foot, I was getting nowhere.
I even stayed up past my 11:00 bedtime working on the problem. While I was in the shower I solved one problem- how to clean my back, since my arms aren't quite long enough. No just kidding, I solved a math problem. My two most common revelatory locations are the shower and my bed. While I was lying in bed I kept waking up, turning on my camping headlight, and writing down possible answers on sticky notes. My roommate must think I'm insane, or just really bad at sleeping. The next day I was still without solutions to two too many of the problems on the test. Needing a change of venue, I went for a walk and toured the Gordon B. Hinkley Visitors and Alumni Center. It is a lovely center. This post is boring me, so it needs to end. I will conclude with this: I can't remember the last time I was so obsessed and distressed with a project, and finally achieving my goal (I got 25/30) was incredible. I felt Divine Providence helping me. During those two days I didn't answer my phone and I hardly ate (which means I only ate ice cream). Dedicating oneself to something and pulling it off is one of the hidden joys of life. It's right up there with skiing. Naw, not really. Different feelings, but almost comparable.


Carson said...

maybe you should make a button for reactions called Confusing. There were several lines in here I didn't understand, i.e. Wrqingod, The latter portion was composed of three questions that permeated my mind like tiedye splotched maladroitly onto a blank shirt, I thought long and punctiliously, and It's right up there with skiing.

Just a thought

Carly said...

Are you sure you didn't just "deke/deek/diek" your professor/TA into giving you a 25/30?

Danielle Mendel said...

david. you are my favorite. That is all.

Emily said...

Congrats on achieving your goal. It was great to talk to you tonight. You are a great writer, and even if this post bored you, it did not bore me at all.