06 February 2010

The Dollar Theater Triple Feature

Three movies (in the theater) in one day? Check that one off my bucket list!
While lying in bed one night a brilliant idea came into my otherwise relaxed mind. I love to see movies, and I love to only pay $1.25 for them. So why stop at one? And then I thought, Why stop at two? Anyone can see two movies in one day. What not see three? Then I thought of a really funny joke about the number 0 and the number 8 that my cousin told me, followed by a smile, and then I was dozing.

I did my research, freed up my Saturday schedule, maximized my priorities according to movie, movie length, and wait time between films, then made my decision. I called some peeps to come along, but alas, I could find no movie aficionados willing to dedicate six hours of their day to flicks. I found some good friends willing to see one movie with me, but that's where they put their foot down. I saw two of the films with chums (different  ones, no one was willing to sit through more than one), and the third I watched by myself. Watching a movie in the theaters by yourself was an interesting experience; a first for me. Was it lonely? A little. Did I want to turn to my friend and comment midway through, only to find that my friend was actually imaginary? Yes, I did. She didn't have much to say, so instead I turned to the cute couple three seats down to tell them the main character reminded my of my great-uncle, but they just 'shushed' me. My movie schedule was as follows:
3:00pm-4:27pm The Fantastic Mr. Fox
4:45pm-6:25pm Everybody's Fine
Dinner (Popcorn)
7:30pm-8:58pm Armored
My proudest moment, however, was not being able to quote all the previews word-for-word by the third movie. It was not having the confidence to go to the theater by myself. It was not being willing to take a forlorn, empty popcorn sack and re-fill it for my dinner. No, my greatest moment was at the very beginning- my conversation with the box office attendant:
Me: Holla, I have a special request for you. I need a single ticket to the following three movies [I said the three movies and the times. I then handed her my student ID.]
Lollipop, aka Box Office Attendant: Wow, wait a minute. Are you doing a triple feature today?
Me: Why yes, as a matter of fact I am.
Lollipop: No Way! That is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Looking at my ID: David Bennett, you are the Man!
Me: Oh thanks, I am pretty excited about it. I tried to get some friends to come, but no one could handle it.
Lollipop: That's a bummer. If I weren't working right now I would SO do it with you.
Me: Did you just ask me out three times, all to the Dollar Theater?
Lollipop: I get off at 9:00...
Alright, I might have made up those last two lines, but the rest of the conversation was legit; I know because I recorded it as part of my Triple Feature Documentary. Three movies for $3.75- Life doesn't get much  better than that.


Jen R. said...

I'm proud of you for buying all three tickets rather than just theater hopping.

PS. A bassinet is a small crib more like a basket that a baby sleeps in.

Emily J said...

I went to a movie by myself recently, and I enjoyed it. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Jenny said...

Did I TELL you? I just read the 2010 Newbery medal winner and the girl tells the 0 and 8 joke!! In a published book! I think I should get some royalties for that, except that I didn't come up with it. Hmmm . . .

Megan said...

It has been a long time since I have done a triple feature. I think the last one included The Bourne Ultimatum, Stardust, and Transformers. I enjoy going to movies by myself. I figure it really isn't all that different from going with somebody. I really want to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

And happy birthday.

Danielle Mendel said...

If I had been in Town I would have so gone with you. I love triple features. I once saw four movies at the dollar theater. Although it involved some more questionably legal occurrences...

justpulse said...

This is unrelated to the post, but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Becky said...

So how were the movies? I would love some reviews!
By the way, the current "Bachelor" on "The Bachelor" reminds me of you...yes, i'm a recent (and embarrassed) aficionado (addict) of this reality (ridiculous) show.