05 March 2010

Aveda: Do it the Aveda Way

Do you know what the Aveda way is? Just when I thought I had extinguished all the hair schools in the Provo area, the salons solved my own problem: Changing ownership! What used to be the Dallas Roberts Academy is now the Aveda School of Beauty. Only not yet- it hasn't opened. I was invited to be a pre-opening hair model by an inside connection I have obtained through my reviews. Aveda is not yet taking customers from the general public, but I was invited to the junkett. There were construction workers everywhere, I had to walk through a Bosnian war-zone to get to the makeshift dust free room, and then there were only two shampoo stalls. That didn't sound like the Aveda way to me, until the haircut episode began. I sat in the chair was was instructed to close my eyes. The salonist told me she would touch my shoulder lightly and I was to take two deep breaths. The purpose of it all was to determine which scented oil I liked the best so that it could be lathered into my hair. The touch of my shoulder was... well, not really there. I couldn't tell if I had just been tapped or if someone had opened the door. After getting an oil rinse the actual massage began. I was again instructed to close my eyes as she worked me up and down my shoulders and head. Yes, there was even a coordinated ear rub involved. That, apparently, is the Aveda way. I didn't complain. Then the haircut marathon began. It was a quality, two and a half hour haircut. I had some other things planned that day that were succumbed by Aveda, but that's alright. It was a great haircut, and for monetarily free. Once Aveda opens up officially I will definitely consider going back. The oil in the hair kind of made me feel like a whale, but that's fine.

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