15 July 2010

A Movie in Thailand

I can't believe I'm doing this.
I'm in Thailand having spectacular adventures, and hardly even posting about them. And now that I am recording some for my future posterity I choose to write about the movie Eclipse? Well, perhaps I could argue that my time in the Far East has given me spontaneity and a relaxed attitude, so you're getting a relaxed post that should come as a surprise, given its content.
Movies in Thailand are very, very enjoyable. They have comfortable seats, air conditioning, and are inexpensive. Even the full priced new releases are under $3.00 at one particular theater. That three dollars is well spent given the exciting previews, the cool air, and the plush seats, regardless of if you're at something painfully ridiculous like P.S. I Love You or something as intriguing as Batman: The  Dark Knight. So, with that in mind and by the invitation of a few friends, I went to see Eclipse.
The theater was packed with little Thai school girls, and I was in the midst of them. You see, when you buy a movie ticket in Thailand you get an assigned seat, and since I bought my ticket after my lady friends (I was reticent about the movie decision) I did not get to sit with them. So there I was, the lone white man sitting in a Thai movie theater surrounded by teenage girls in their school girl outfits and giggling.
I went into the movie not knowing which in the trilogy (or quadrilogy I've since learned) the movie was. I haven't read any of the books or seen any of the movies and I know nothing about the plot except that I was supposed to align myself with Team Edward or Team Jacob. Turns out Edward is a Vampire and Jacob is a Werewolf! Given the two, I'd definitely choose the werewolf. As for the movie, I had low expectations and they were all met. Some of them were even exceeded if you can believe it! The movie had some funny one-liners where it actually made fun of itself, it had a sweet Vampire verses Werewolf fight scene, and the vistas from Washington were stunning. The love triangle was more developed than I thought and the Vampire/Werewolf aspect made it 'freshey' and original. I still don't have anything good to say about the books which I have not read, but the way the characters were portrayed in this film was acceptable. I admired Bella's courage and commitment, Jacob's perseverance, and Edward's self-control. They all had admirable traits, and teenage sex was addressed and frowned upon until marriage, which I thought was brave of the director. I'm not sure I can totally recommend the movie unless you are under extreme circumstances such as I was, but if it comes to the Dollar Theater, by all means go hit it up!

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Misty Dunny said...

David, this impressed me. Not many people (men especially) take the time to give this type of movie a chance, let alone point out the things that impressed them. Whether or not I am a huge Twilight fan, it is refreshing to have a guy watch it and not only focus on the girly love side of the story. Ku-dos. Also, your adventures in Thailand are so interesting! I can't imagine the amount of unforgettable experiences you are having, I hope to enjoy such adventures someday! I love to see new places, I hope you are loving it.