26 July 2012

Lake Winnipesaukee- Part I

Last week I spent all of my time with two very different families at one of my favorite destinations: Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. For Nor'Easterners, you should already know what this magical lake is. For Westerners, it's sort of like Lake Powell but with pine trees, only not at all. The only think they might have in common is the enjoyment factor. Anyway, this was the second of my four vacations this Summer. I spent the first two days with my best friend Brian Starck and his family, including his fiancee. I have been friends with Brian and his family since middle school when we first put our lips together, on separate trumpets, and began our illustrious musical careers together. His career lives on in New Hampshire, and mine, I'm afraid, mostly went extinct when I went on my mission.
But back to the vacation. Brian has a house up at the Lake and I tend to go up and visit him there every few years. Because the only times I ever to go New Hampshire are to vacation, I naturally only have fond feelings toward the Granite State.
With Brian's family we piddled around the lake on a pontoon boat, ate like kings, laid out and swam in the lake, and spent an entire day kayaking. We kayaked to an island uninhabited and ate lunch with the loon residents. We went to Mass, ate delicious ice cream, survived a loss of electricity, and lived free. There was no dying, luckily.
One of the highlights of the stay for me was getting to know Brian's fiance a little better. They have been dating since shortly into undergraduate and I'm really excited for them to get married. As I feel practically a part of Brian's family, it's almost like I'm gaining a cousin with the addition of Amanda.
Next July they are getting married on Lake Winnipesaukee. Brian rented a wetsuit with a bowtie painted on, and Amanda's dress is water resistant. Their plan is to take the pontoon boat out to Alton Bay, perform the ceremony and offer their vows, then throw the rings in the lake and dive in after them. Kind of a weird spin off to a traditional wedding I'd have to say, but there you have it; I'm not the one getting married. I will be present at the wedding though, so I'll guess I'll need to bring my Speedo.
PS- They really are getting married, but in a nice Church up on the shores of the Lake.

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Megan M said...

I remember going up there when your mom ran a half marathon. Even on a cold, drizzly spring day, it was beautiful. Reminded me a lot of some places in Oregon. I've been to New Hampshire once since then, and it was just as nice as I remembered it.