20 April 2008

"For The Beauty of the Earth"

Yes, men, women and children, there is peace, joy and beauty in the world. It's called ice cream. And honey. Actually there is more beauty than that, even. Last Monday I went to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival with my sister Anne and I had ample time to stop and smell the roses, er tulips. Actually, we were too early for the tulips so we saw a lot of bulbs but not many beauties. The festival grounds included man-made waterfalls, Roman pillars, fountains, fields, a fish pond and flowers spread over 55 acres. It was gorgeous. Anne and I confabulated about many topics, including the plaguing numbers of teenage pregnancies in America, and study abroads. And then I went and saw "Juno" the next day (about a teenage pregnancy) just to stay consistent. The weather was paradigm on that particular Monday. Anne and I stopped at a fountain and dipped our hands in the cool, refreshing water and chatted in the sun. Oh it was so relaxing and beau ideal. A great way to start off Finals week. And now I want to testify that amidst the staggering teenage pregnancy numbers, world hunger, global warming and ridiculous gas prices there is peace and beauty in the world. All one has to do is get a bowl of ice cream and go out in the sun by a pond, engage in a colloquium with a close friend and enjoy God's creations to know that life is good. So get out there, carpe diem, and enjoy every single day!


Emily said...

My two hour walk in Central Park this evening certainly took the edge off a frustrating day in the South Bronx. Thanks for the wisdom, Dave.

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that ice cream appears so often in your posts.. even the ones about nature. :)

And it's true. Nature is good, life is beautiful, amen.