23 April 2008

My Love for the Newspaper

I love the newspaper. I love the variety of articles, I love the advertisments, I love the cheap price, I love the pictures and I love the writing styles. I love reading about current events and I love reading inutile articles. Today I picked up my complimentary copy of the New York Times National Edition on campus and proceeded to read it for over an hour. I read some of it in class which posed an interesting situation: I couldn't turn the pages for fear of babel, so I was confined to just the front pages of each section. I read the first half of every article in section A (with such variety as "Inmate Count in U.S. Dwarfs Other Nations,'" "China May Give Up Attempt To Send Arms to Zimbabwe" [my favorite one], "The Bruising Will Go On for the Party, Too" and "Europe Turns Back to Coal, Raising Alarms on Climate Change"), and then while in suspense as to how the Democratic Party was going to deal with a split party and how the Italians were going to maximize global warming, I was forced to move on to Dining In/Out. My favorite of those articles was the one one puddings, custards and ice cream. That was the first article I read in full after being released from my unconventionally-captivating class. Anyway, I enjoyed the Business Day and The Arts as well. I ended up finishing all the front page articles I started and became quite the afficionado on topics like American incarceration, Chinese relations and coal power. All fascinating topics. Only in the newspaper can you feel that you are an expert in a thousand different areas after just one hour of reading.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree, though I'm too impatient to actually read the newspaper. I'm more of a scan-the-headlines-on-CNN.com type of girl.

Emily said...

Are you reading The Times online, Dave? I get the free amNY on the subway on my way to work for an appetizer and then settle in for the hefty stuff at home with The Times.