09 April 2008

An Inconvenient Movie

And thus begins my career as a movie critic. Last week I went to the international cinema on campus twice... in one day. There were two movies I was dying to see and I could only go on Tuesday. The five O'clock showing was Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth." The only thing international about it was the Mexican student three rows up from me. And the people behind me, now they were funny. These two older ladies came in together and sat behind me, making priceless comments such as "[in an old lady voice] So if I like this movie does that mean I have to vote Democrat?" I almost died laughing. As for the movie, I found it redundantly redundant, and a little boring. It had choppy transitions that made me feel like I had bi-polar disorder. One minute I was learning about global warming and the next minute I was watching Al Gore growing tobacco as a young wippersnapper. I just didn't understand what the deal was with all the Al Gore history. Oh yea, now I remember. He is still bitter about the election and he wants everyone to remember him! My biggest objection however, was that he spent the whole movie describing and detailing the problem, but the only hint at a solution came interspersed between the closing credits. Seriously, the only time he mentioned anything about making a difference was after the movie was over and everyone was waking up. Do I think there is a problem with global warming? Of course. In fact I think it's a fairly important issue, but I want to make a difference and not just talk about the rising CO2 levels in the Antartican ice. The softest part of the movie, and the one that made me shed a tear, was when he said that the rising temperatures were causing icebergs to melt and polar bears to drown. The poor polar bears up at the North Pole are swimming 10-Ks up there and then drowning because they have no place to dock. Go tell that to you roommates and see if it motivates them to turn off the light when they leave the apartment. We really need to turn off the lights when we leave, and walk when you can do so reasonably! Don't make excuses, it's not hard to remember to turn out the lights and use your God-given legs! Rating: C-

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justpulse said...

As promised, I'm checking your blog every day. :) And I totally agree about the Al Gore thing, though I don't really have the right to because I never saw the movie, but yeah. People are very good at saying there's a problem and then not doing anything about it.