12 April 2008

An Ode to Ice Cream

This week I went out for ice cream three times between Monday and Friday and had ice cream in my apartment on the two days I didn’t go out, which really stimulated some thought and provoked new gustatory pleasures I think I had been suppressing. At this moment I want to announce my undying love for ice cream. Here were my experiences: Monday I was in Park City, UT visiting an art show and my friend recommended a great ice cream parlor. Parlor, that’s just a great word. Shoppe too. I had my carmel-goodness flavored ice cream in a homemade, soft, brittle waffle cone that greatly magnified the experience. I was in a state of Elysium. Wow, I want ice cream right now. On second thought, I think you would all scream if I just talked about ice cream for this whole post. I’ll get right to the point:
Chocolate, peppermint, cookies and cream,
Any flavor tastes like a dream.
Edy’s, Breyers, or no-name brand,
I’d make sure they’re all on hand.
Ranc’s, Coldstone, or my very own freezer,
You can find me there even as a geezer.
Gelatto, Fro-Yo, and Dippin Dots,
Just not the same, but still palatable spots.
But don't forget the shake, Sundae and malt,
For their pleasure, no one is at fault.
-David Wallace Bennett

1 comment:

justpulse said...

That is a beautiful poem. It made me feel happy inside to read it. And oh how sweet of you to post that so I would be reading it on fast Sunday. ... I want ice cream.