27 May 2008

America the B-E-A-UTIFUL: Part I

From now on you can officially refer to me by the title "Juror #1," for that is the most important civil title I will ever hold (unless I become Foreman Bennett, but that's at least three years away). Last Wednesday I reported to Lowell to serve as a juror, and I was selected as Juror Numero Uno. (I'll pause here for your applause.) For the next successive three days I travelled back to Lowell (Lowell was named after Mike Lowell, I'm pretty sure of that) to hear an enrapturing back-and-forth between a healthcare group and an insurance company about who should pay some patient bills incurred in the early Millenium. It seemed like a really insignificant argument, but I gained a lot from the experience. For example, I learned that eight residents of Massachusetts can be called in together and trusted to find the truth, and they will. I felt a unique bond with my fellow jurors and we were mostly unanimous (is that even possible?) in our opinions and decisions. We had a ball discussing the dramatics of the lawyers and the intricities of the courtroom. We were appalled at some testimonies, and dazzled at others, all in an effort to find the truth. This positive experience as Juror #1 has helped me realize how wonderful and blessed of a country we live in. Our Judicial System is up and running fairly smoothly, and we as Americans are helping to resolve disputes and correct wrongs. Amen to America the Beautiful!


justpulse said...

Amen indeed! I didn't realize you were juror #!! How special! And I did applaud!

Lyndsi Shae* said...

Dear David Bennett,
I was readin my blog comments today and all I gotta say is...
Please feel free to propose to me whenever you feel so inclined.
That is all,
Lyndsi Shae

Caitlin said...

Funny post, I definitely laughed a few times. Congrats on being selected to a jury. I was somewhat close a few weeks ago...hopefully it will happen some day! (I don't even care if I'm #1.)