18 May 2008

Boston's Spectacular Sports

This weekend was a good time to be invovled in Boston Sports. On Friday the Boston Buckteeth defeated the Tallahassee Taproots in a thrilling match of badminton. The hard-fought victory made them the Eastern Conference finalists of the Badminton Athletics Department of Jousting, Origami, Kneeling and Entertaining, known more commonly by their acronymic label, B.A.D.J.O.K.E.
Don't worry, I didn't spend too much time on that one (but do keep in mind that I'm done with school at 3:00PM everyday so "too much time" is very relative!). But enough frivolty for one entry right? Let's get on to more important things, like the Celtics and Red Sox! This weekend the BoSox commenced interleague play with a three game sweep of Prince Fielder and the Brewsters. Let me just say that my buddy Prince in Milwaukee needs to change his last name to "batter" or "slugger" as opposed to Fielder. It just isn't filicitous as is. At the Garden, the C's put Cleveland away in seven exhilarating games. This year I have grown an appreciation for basketball that has never been experienced in my family before, and not only because we have a winning team this year. The real roots lie in my playing of the game. Every since I got cut from my seventh grade BBall team, I have had a sour taste in my mouth for leather balls. But then I joined an intramural team this Winter, and had a ball playing ball! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole season! So when I got home I started playing with some men from my Church as well. Every time I play I appreciate the game a little more. And plus, it's easy to be a fan on a team with as much Spirit as the Celtics. Yes sir, I do enjoy a good basketball game both playing and spectating.

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