26 June 2008

Costa Rica 2008

Hola Amigos de Los Ustados Unidos! I have returned to the States safe, reasonable sound, and all in one piece. Last week my entire family ventured down South to Costa Rica for a week long adventure filled with deceit (not really), danger (really), drugs (not by us), delicatessens (lots of food), dogs (mostly wild) and delight (by all). We ziplined through miles of canopy, rafted through brown-water-turned-white, hiked to placid waterfalls galore, fed or were fed to various types of wildlife including cocodrilos (just say that outloud, it's really satisfying), macaws & toucans, spider & whitefaced & howler monkies, ais and their two-toed counterparts, a poison dart frog, lizards aplenty and a wild boar. We visited a lovely, live volcano (see photo #1) and bathed in natural hot springs at the foot of, and heated by, the volcano. It was pretty much like Dante's Peak. We enjoyed the beach and the rain and the family time, the culture and the Jungle and the Eco-tourism, the food and the fifteen passenger van we squeezed into, and the time away from work, school and problems. It was really a spectacular vacation, and I fear I have only given a brief smattering of what happened, here in my blog. Just know that Cost Rica is Costa Awesome!

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Anonymous said...

I love the way you write. And I actually did say cocodrilos aloud. And it felt good. I'm jealous of all your tropical adventures..