06 August 2008

How to Get More Blog Viewers- According to David

Whew, that last post was exciting, was it not? I got some really intelligent comments from a vairety of people, and best of all for me, my California viewership increased dramatically! Have you seen my "Holla Atchya Fan" counter? It's through the roof! It has given me all sorts of ideas to attract more bloggers from other states; I could write about Punxsutawney Phil to attract the Pennyslvania sector (there's no controversy there but I could sure make a mean prediction for February 2nd and I'm confident someone in Pennyslvania would want to rebut it. Plus, who wouldn't want to read about a groundhog's shadow?); I could write about the Canadian border to catch the interest of North Dakotians (do they even have computers in North Dakota? If I just offended the one potential blogger from North Dakota interested in my blog, sorry); I could write about bilingualism in Baton Rouge, LA (Heck, maybe I could even get some comments or Hollas in French for that one! How does one Holla in French?). And those are just ideas for gaining more viewership from within the states that are united, constituting America! Think of the potential amid the states that aren't united, and in Fiji!
Thanks for reading fans, especially in North Dakota.


Benjamin said...

If you think that's cool, you should see what my company can do for you. When you get back to Provo let's see if we can get you some real data.

little miss erika said...

I wrote a paper once about how much I don't like Groundhog's Day. Do you research on that day. It's the most ridiculous holiday ever.

And my sis and her husband live in Baton Rouge.

I have no ties to North Dakota.

That's all =)

mlee said...

Dave! you are such an entertaining blogger! I am inspired...