11 August 2008


There really isn't a word in English that directly translates from the German word pfannkuchen. Pancakes, that would be my best attempt. That is what pfannkuchen means in English, but the Germans say it with so much elegance that I found it only appropriate to give them a Holla. When I was contemplating my week in Hawai'i, and what to write about, pfannkuchen came to my mind. It's a shame because there were many exciting things that went down this week, but you will have to wait for a report on them later. I had pancakes three times this week (?) and they were all delicious. I had a hotcake at a local diner in Honolulu on Wednesday night, with homechurned butter as smooth as a satin nightgown (it was late and I was thinking of bed). One hotcake filled an entire plate. On Saturday my travels took me down the street to the Hukilau Cafe, which inspired the cafe in 50 First Dates, among other things. Mac nut pancakes (macadamia nut) satiated my palate at the Hukilau. Yum. I also had a bite of my brother's banana pancakes. It made me feel like Jack Johnson. And then, finally, I had a truly homemade pancake. It was only more homemade than the others in the sense that I didn't pay for it. This was a masterpiece. I made a coconut pfannkuchen with cocount milk, shredded coconut in the batter, and coconut syrup on top. You might say it was a pancake, or you might say it was a "symbiotic relationship between all aspects of the cocos nucifera." That would be different if you said the latter, but I still wouldn't hate on you. If you love pfannkucken, or latin genus names, give my a Holla. Until then, check back for a more exciting post next time.

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Jen R. said...

I love pancakes...but the hubster likes waffles. So we usually do waffles