29 August 2008

I Do Not Have a Television and I am Grateful!

These past two weeks I have been home, the home that I love dearly. Time is precious, and time at home is the rarest of all. Allow me to expound on my two week ineffable relaxation in Beantown. Last week, I worked three days (which I enjoyed), attended my best friend's wedding, went to the beach on the North Shore (as in Salisbury, MA; the waves were flat as a pancake), and went camping/hiking in the Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. All healthy,wonderful activities. The stars in New Hampshire were lavish and the hike provided a view unadulterated by Man. Lest I forget, on Sunday I went to Church, probably the second most important part of my week (behind the Sealing). If that all sounds menail to you, just wait to see what I did this week! Monday, I ran and hung out with my uncle and his family, which mostly consisted of Olympic highlights. Tuesday I went on an incredible eight mile run along the Charles River. Can I give a Holla to Boston? Running bare chested along the river towards the Boston skyline, with the sun warmly caressing my skin and my favorite Boston radio stations in my ears is an euphoric feeling. Boston is a city unlike any other. I also watched the Sox wallop on the Yankees on Tuesday (and Wednesday). On Wednesday I prepared mentally for an intense bikeride slash swim. I biked to Walden Pond, swam across, and biked home. Walden Pond is the essence of New England; deliberately thoughtful and reverently mellow. Equidistant from the far sides, in the center of the lake, the only noises are those of the sparce canoes and the sound of the sun brazing your skin. The water is cool, clean, crisp, and roborant. Oh how I love Walden Pond! On Thursday I went to the Museum of Science to relive my childhood and see the special Baseball as America exhibit and the live Meerkats. We also ate hot dogs and apple pie to round off the day of Americana. On Friday I packed up, went for a delighful run around Fresh Pond (don't even get me started *again* on my love for water and trees in Massachusetts). Can a better state exist than Massachusetts? I think not.


Reags said...
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Reags said...

This is by far the best place on earth. Even though it isn't sanitary i think everyone, if they were smart, would live there.

justpulse said...

Ugh, sounds like heaven. What a fun time at home! Though Dave, I'm starting to think that it's not the places you go that are so wonderful, it's more that you are the type of person who makes the most out of everywhere you are. Very cool.