24 August 2008

Keep Your Composure, it's Time For Closure

Closure is a good thing. Seeing as I am home in Boston, it seems appropriate that I give an accounting of my tenure at BYU-Hawai'i. Let me sum it up with nine words: "Working hard or hardly working, but mostly the latter." Hawai'i was an absolute blast. I skydove, cliff-jumped, hiked, surfed, beached, stargazed, boogie-boarded yurt...-ed, and flipped into various pools of water. I travelled by beater car, fancy car, road bike, Chaos bike (the most exciting, by far), Chaos pegs, longboard, pie (Spanish for feet; I try to accomadate my multilingual audience as much as I can), TheBus (Hawai'ian for "The Bus"), canoe, and homemade airplane (at least that's how it felt on the skydiving plane). I got stung by a jellyfish and scarred by a cockroach. I swam in waves taller than me, and saw a man doing fire poi balls on the beach. I ate Kailua island pig, a clam I found on the beach and immediately boiled upon returning home, threw a SPAM jam, had pineapple ice cream and fresh pineapple at the Dole Plantation, and drank lots of sea water (not recommeded; and be careful, my experience has been that if you find a coconut floating in the ocean the liquid inside is not coconut milk, it's sea water). I went octopus hunting, watched the sunset at Sunset beach, watched the Sunrise on Stairway to Heaven, and biked to Ted's Bakery from Laie. I touched sea turtles, had a bonfire on the beach, made many, many, great friends, and bonded with my brother. Oh yea, I also went to classes. I aced them both.


justpulse said...

Best post ever!! Oh Dave, that's so awesome you could do all that stuff. You really took it all in. Very very cool.

little miss erika said...

Isn't it great?

Hawaii -- you can have it all