08 September 2008

A Brief Boston Ballgame Bulletin

That's a fancy alliterative title for "I don't have too much time but I want to write a post, and Boston Sports are on my mind." The Patriots are in trouble, to put it kindly. They couldn't win a single exhibition game without Brady, and now he's out for the season. Good luck Pats! The Red Sox, on the other hand, took one from the Rays tonight behind Lester's fantastic performance and moved just 1/2 game behind them in the A.L. East. Mike Lowell's back and feeling great. Things are really looking up for my BoSox. And don't forget, the doughty Celtics are still World Champions! If you have any updates about Boston's underground curling fascination, I would love to hear them. I am an equal opportunity blogger here, willing to give attention to all sports.

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justpulse said...

I love this. So true -- sometimes I don't have much to blog about but I have plenty on my mind. You're lucky to have so many great teams you actually have the right to be a fan of.

I don't know very much about sports, but I knew enough to be very sad when I heard about Tom Brady. I've been a die-hard Patriot fan since 2001 (and by die-hard I mean I cheer for them when they play in the super bowl), so I feel your pain. Sort of.