14 September 2008

All You Can Eat = All You Can Enjoy

There are few things in life that are very physically enjoyable. Scratch that- in the time it took that thought to go from my head to my fingers, I thought of about six different physically enjoyable things, and six is more than a few. That's what you get for brainstorming new blog posts... But, having said that, let me iterate what I meant to write, in a watered down fashion: I love to eat, and especially when it is all-you-can-eat, and even more especially when I don't pay for it, but can still look at myself in the mirror because I did so honestly. This week I had some truly excellent meals that were noteworthy in my book. As an epicure with palatable taste, it doesn't take much to make Mister D.W.Belly happy. On Tuesday I was invited to a good friend's house for a fresh salmon dinner. "Fresh salmon? in Utah?" you inquire acquisitively. (But then you are distracted and mysteriously impressed at my usage of two words with 'q,' in succession, and the original thought of salmon has vanished like an open box of truffles.) My friend and his wife vacationed in Alaska this summer and caught kilograms of fish, which they immediatley froze and shipped to landlocked Utah. So we had a pleasurable salmon meal with great company and a nice sauce (on the salmon, not the company). Wednesday night I attended a chocolate party and was partial to the bananas dipped in chocolate, although the marshmallows were tasty too. Thursday night I went to a housewarming party with chicken curry, watermelon, red velvet cupcakes and homemade ice cream. Homemade ice cream is irreplacable, like Beyonce. On Thursday I dined with my brother at the Campus Commons (commonly called Cannon Center), containing confections, crepes- cream cheese. I had four entrees becuse I have little will power when it comes to food, and it was all just so good! Yummm. I was such a happy student. I barely even needed lunch because I was so satisfied. I ate some other meals inbetween those ones, but those were the highlights. Holla to Thomas for taking me out to the Campus Commons!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Dave, I LOVED this post. Seriously. This is why:

1. The first line and how quickly you realized that it wasn't true. :)
2. D.W.Belly.... ?
3. I totally did get distracted by the 2 'q' words!! You SO called that!
4. "Homemade ice cream is irreplacable, like Beyonce"
5. All the yummy foods you described
6. It's basically adorable how much love you to eat

Yay for you and your wonderful posts!

Lauren Palmer said...

davey, you have the wrong link for me on your blog. Do you read my new one, or the 2 year-old one from london? Anyway, miss ya. If I come up to Provo this year I PROMISE to call ya... when are you going to come down here for some beach time? Thanksgiving?

little miss erika said...

We just had a crepe party at my house on sunday. We made our own and everyone brought their own fillings. Several of the boys filled theirs with peanutbutter and cheese. Kinda weirded me out.

T-Benz said...

Anytime Wally, you just say the word.