21 September 2008

Next to Good Food, There's Good Music

My last post was about good food. But right up there with delicious food is delicious music. Sometimes I wonder why, with so much uplifting, edifying, beautiful music available, do I listen to such humdrum, weariful music? Only I know the answer (er... never mind). On Saturday night I attended the O.C. Tanner Gift of Music Concert 2008 featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Utah Symphony Orchestra with world renowned maestro Erich Kunzel, and delightful guests Denyce Graves and Brian Stokes Mitchell. The title was "An American Songbook" and indeed I felt patriotic. Brian Stokes Mitchell stole the show in my opinion, although the Maestro's professionalism to conduct two singers behind him, a full orchestra in front of him, and an entire choir way in front of him was impressive. The concert was held in the Conference Center where there isn't a bad seat (President Monson and President Eyring were in attendance). Music has the mind blowing capacity to grasp my emotions and do whatever it pleases to them. Last night, it chose to thrust them into a patriotic vortex smeared with red, white, blue and apple pie. When I first opened up the program I thought it was featuring Beyonce (she looks like Denyce and the way it was written was similar to 'Beyonce'), so I got really, really excited. I thought, "Beyonce and the Mo Tab? Could there be a better hybrid? Move over Celion Dion, we have a new greatest show ever!" Although she was no Beyonce, Denyce was quite entertaining. The concert was gorgeous and I was reminded that music has a wonderful power associated with it. Anyone up for a baseball game and a barbecue?


justpulse said...

Haha oh Dave, it's so cute how you love Beyonce. :) And I totally relate about the power music has to just grip your emotions and move your soul. That's so great you had the chance to go to that concert!!

Lauren Palmer said...

My uncle is in the Motab, and I love how the choir has a real power behind it... all of the voices kind of rattle you down deep. Then he goes home and listens to Van Halen.

Kent Christensen said...

Hi, David! Love reading your blog. I actually met Brian Stokes Mitchell a few years ago and he's a super nice guy - like you!