30 October 2008

The 2008 Baseball Season: 3/25/08-10/29/08

With wet eyes, we lay to rest the memorable 2008 Major League Baseball season. Although its life was robust, the only survivors were the Philadelphia Phillies. (Sniffle.) Perhaps the most lugubrious aspect of ending something as wonderful as baseball fanaticism is finding a new hobby to fill the chasm of vacuous time made available in the evening hours. Really- I have invested much in my team and the sport over the past seven months- and now that it's over I don't quite know what do do with myself. The wall has been looking ever more attractive the longer I look at it, and I think it's even changing shades slightly, but there's no way I can continue staring at it for another five months. I need something else instead, like a girlfriend, or a puppy, or even a chef would do. Just something to get my mind off of America's Pasttime. Allow me to ever so briefly recap some highlights from the season. It all began at 4am on March the 25th, in Provo, UT. The BoSox were in Japan playing the Athletics (who perhaps should be named the "Unathletics" after this season). Don't ask why they were in Japan (What? You want to know why? Alright, I'll just tell you- David Ortiz wanted some fresh Ramen). My roommates and I woke up in the middle of the night to watch the game. When it ended around 7am we went to school. Another memory: Midway throught the season Coco Crisp charged the mound eliciting a heated brawl in a Rays/Red Sox game. Perhaps the biggest event of the year was the hejira of Manny to L.A. After 7.5 years in a Sox uniform, he left for the West Coast. And in his place came Jason Bay- to the Bay state. The Sox season ended with the Red Sox staging an incredible comeback (see earlier post) in game 5, only to lose in game seven of the ALCS. I had my hopes for the Phillies, who finished out the season as the lone survivors. They deserved it though. After all, they have over 10,000 losses in their history (that's a skill on a whole new level..), and they are from the city of Brotherly Love. They have only won the World Series once since ante 1890, and it's about time they got another trophy. Well, we will miss the baseball season, and watching the wall is no substitute, so if you have any suggestions please inform me immediately. Hmm, I remember that corner being a little lighter yesterday...

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justpulse said...

Oh Dave, I'm so sorry about your Sox. I'm glad you've been able to move on and even feel proud of the Phillies. Okay, your post...

1. "I need something else instead, like a girlfriend, or a puppy, or even a chef would do."

Hah, okay, I'm really wondering what exactly you're looking for. Though I know that feeling of suddenly having a void to fill. It can be kind of liberating, actually..

2. "They have only won the World Series once since ante 1890.."

ante. I love it. :)

Great post! I love the way you write!