26 October 2008

Democracy At Its Finest

I am a patriotic citizen of America. I may not have a red, white, and blue striped tophat like Uncle Sam, and in fact I don't even have an American flag in my room, but I do love this country (see my posts titled America the Beautiful: Part I & II). This week on Thursday I received my absentee ballot from the Town Clerk's office in Belmont, MA, much to my anticipation and delight. I have never been so excited to receive a piece of mail in my life (...not entirely true...). I furiously ripped it open and perused the ballot quesions and the candidates. I found the questions to be very interesting; I got to vote against dog racing, for penalities for drug offenses, for a state tax decrease, and for the next president of the United States of America, and other representatives. And I'm only 22! How sweet is that? Voting is democracy at its finest. Now, a word to those who say, "My vote doesn't matter" or "I'm from a Republican state, the Republicans will win no matter how I vote." Do not say that in my presence- ever. Your vote is not just a vote. Your vote is a right granted to you by the Founding Fathers and God. Your vote is freedom. Your vote is an expression of individuality and a powerful way to say "Dangit! I have a say in how this country is run, even if I am not the majority!" Your vote is a precious, respected opinion that Uncle Sam cares about. If you argue that all the candidates or representatives do not represent you, then write a name in that does represent you. Americans, let us never, ever forget our God-given right to vote in this country. Get out there and let your voice be heard! If not, you will have to face my wrath, which includes a fierce game of Scrabble.


Lauren Palmer said...

Dave! I remember voting absentee freshman year. That was fun. Too bad my candidate lost... politics are crazy here in California, so congratulations for voting! Miss ya!

Lauren Palmer said...

PS, we need to have a scrabble face-off.

justpulse said...

Great post!! Amen to all of it! And I would love to face your wrath any day. :)

siovhan said...

I saw the commercial for the Diamond Scrabble Edition and thought of you. haha. :) We have had some intense Scrabble gamin.

And I worked for the guy who owns Costa Vida my Sophomore year at BYU into my Junior year...just before I worked for BYUTV. He's the nicest guy.

Did you have fun blowing stuff up? (my excursion still remains one of my funnier BYU moments.)

little miss erika said...

yayyyy voting

i got my absentee ballot at the beginning of october.

i loved my "secrecy envelope." it made it feel all the more special and fun!