23 November 2008

David is... at Body Worlds III in SLC!

Body Worlds- an interesting title for a science exhibit. It's not that descriptive, and I think I could have done better. My ideas include, "Human Slices: Why Not to Escape a Prison with Laser Bars," "Innards on the Outside," "What Your Body Looks Like on Plastination," or "Creative Cadavers." Despite the awkwardness of the production, there were a great many things to be learned. Spiritually, consider this- "The human heart is the organ that is formed first and stops last." Educationally, consider this- "The heart pumps roughly 1,800 gallons of blood through your body each day." Indulge yourself on this- "To get enough oxygen to all of the body's organs, all of our blood must pass through the lungs and around the body at least once a minute." To all you smokers, remember that if you stop smoking...
  • You will have greater stamina
  • Your taste buds and olfactory senses will increase (if you are wondering what your old factory is, it's not an industrialized mill, it's your sense of smell)
  • You will have prolonged life
  • My favorite, you will look and smell better

I gained a much greater cognizance for the human body at the exhibit. The bodies are put into strange positions (supposedly, while the person is alive, the donor gets to choose in what way their body will be plastinated, which really makes me glad I didn't know these people whilst they were still breathing). The most unique, certainly, was the man who was doing a split with his feet balancing on two bowling balls, as only a corpse or Paul Hamm can do, with his chest wide open and empty. His one hand was down, and the other one was reaching up to the sky, holding his entire thorax up like a medal. I mean seriously, that had to hurt! To sum up the experience, I enjoyed my time learning about gymnastics, er, rather human anatomy, in an unconventional manner.


justpulse said...

I love your alternate titles. You're right, they are way better.:)

I'm not sure how I would have handled this exhibit. The bowling ball thing about got me ready to skip lunch. I guess it was educational though. Fun stuff.

Carly said...

So the question is, are you going to donate your body David? http://www.sltrib.com/utah/ci_11065581?source=rv

Sarah said...

You always bring a smile to my face Davey Boy! :)

I love the alternate titles. My personal favorite is, "Human Slices: Why Not to Escape a Prison with Laser Bars". Fantastic! You should write a letter with your suggestions...