02 December 2008

Smile More!

<---(Who is that good-looking man?)
Smiles are a wonderful thing. Did you know it takes more muscles to frown that to smile? Of course you did, everyone and their mother's dog knows that. People smile at me on campus all the time, and it always makes me feel better. I am not sure why they are smiling at me, but I do have some pretty good ideas, such as the following: I have toothpaste on my outer lip, my fly is down, or they are just nice people who walk around smiling. Other possibilities are that they aren't in fact smiling at me, they are just squinting at the sun in a curved-lip-sort of way, they are scared of me and my big sweatshirt and are trying to befriend me because they think I am a lost soul in need of a warm gesture, or they are really smiling at their friend walking uncomfortably close me. Those are always weird when you smile back, and they say, "Hey Jack!" to which you reply, "Um, my name is David?" and they say "ohhhhh K. Nice to meet you David. Now do you mind if I talk to my friend Jack who is standing very close to you?" Anyway you have it though, a smile is a powerful tool, whether you are the intended recipient or not. <--- You don't need teeth to have a great smile! When I was in high school I had a good friend share a story with me about smiling that just warmed my heart like an anti-repungent hotpot. She told me that when she moved to Massachusetts she didn't know anyone and no one knew her (which opens the possibilites for all sorts of fun, like, perhaps changing your name?). But, she told me later that during her first week of school, when she was in the abyss of adolescent loneliness, I flashed a smile at her and her entire countenance changed. After that she said to herself, and outloud which made it awkward, "Hey, that boy just smiled at me! Maybe Massachusetts won't be so bad after all! Plus, I do love baked beans..." Actually, she didn't say that outloud at the time and I ad libbed some of that quote, but the comforting message of the story is still there. Smiles are great, so please, let's smile more. Make everyone know you are having a great day! That way they can either resent you and your happiness or share in it themselves!
<--- No seriously, that is a good smile!

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justpulse said...

I completely agree! A smile can change everything. However, that second picture scares me a lot.

I've also noticed how e-smileys can change the mood of things. :) Great post.