25 December 2008

A Christ-Centered Christmas

Merry Christmas one and all! This is a great holiday, on many accounts. For one, it comes with an entire season, which is pretty special if you ask me. For another, it is all about the Son of God, which is even more special than an entire season. The music of the Season spans the entire spectrum- fast, hip songs, slow, reverent songs, 50's, 60's & 90's Christmas music (I don't think they celebrated the Birth in the seventies or eighties). This year, my favorite Christmas song was All I Want For Christmas by Vince Vance & The Valiants (1990). I also love Christmas cookies, clementines and Christmas food. But anyway, I've strayed from my post intentions already. What I really wanted to write about was how grateful I am of Jesus Christ and His birth. I am humbled to think that the Son of God was willing to come to Earth as a little babe wrapped in rags with a donkey as His suitemate. He was so inviolable and so pure. I hope that I can be much more selfless this upcoming year and remember that "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also"(Matthew 6:21). In addition, charity and giving is a way of life, not a product of wealth. If you are generous now, you will be generous when you have the Benjies. I love Jesus Christ and I am thankful for this annual reminder of His birth.

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Carson said...

Dave, I enjoyed the painting you chose for this post. I am enrolled in an Art history class this semester so I have been learning to appreciate art more.