28 December 2008

Ears, but Not of Corn

The other day I was listening to a new compact disc I received for Christmas, Day and Age by the Killers. That's a terrible, homicidal band name, but don't let that deter you from their musick, which is quite spectacular. I dare say they are my favorite artists who use Erik Weiss as their band photographer, and that is saying a lot! Anyway, I was jamming to "Neon Tiger" and surfing the web when I opened up one browser, ESPN, and another browser occupied by a fellow resident of blogosphere. And then the dither and brouhaha began, as a result of the interwebs. ESPN started playing a portion of Sports Center on a disproportionately small screen considering how much gabber there was, and the blog started singing to me some lyrics that were not decipherable. With two clicks of the mouse there was more music streaming from my computer than there is in all of Estonia. I was just glad I wasn't still on my library tour; those librarians would have had a field day with me. I enjoy listening to sound on my own terms, but automatically playing videorecordings and eavsdropping on one's playlist is just a violation of my agency! Quietude is preferred over a collage of noise, to my ears.


Lyndsi Shae* said...

My blog plays music without asking.
Boycott me?

Also, I really like ears of corn.

justpulse said...

Um, this post is hilarious. "And then the dither and brouhaha began, as a result of the interwebs." : my favorite line ever. And I am totally in agreement with you on this.