05 June 2009

Shakespearean Weddings in Castles at Oxford

Shakespearean weddings in castles at Oxford could, theoretically, exist since there is a large shopping area in Oxford called "The Oxford Castle" (including a Krispie Kreme to cater) as well as some Shakespearean stuff like books. However, such a wedding did not exist while I was there. Before Oxford, I rode a matudinal coach to Warwick Castle, Kenilworth Castle, and Stratford-Upon-Avon. I was thinking Kenilworth Castle would be a glorified kennel for worthy dogs, but it turns out it's actually legit castle ruins. Not too legit to quit, however, because the castle was nearly gone, but still legit in a 'ruins' sort of way. I enjoyed the exterior wall, the hidden caverns that became much less cool after we learned they were the latrines, and The Queen's Garden named after the Prince of Persia. After that castle we meandered over to Warwick Castle. If Castles could speak Spanish, Warwick Castle would have said, "Hola! Me llamo Warwick Castle. Yo soy una FIESTA (por ninos)!" We saw a falcon show, a dragon show, a princess, a trebuchet, a gurgling brook, a sword in a stone, a spoon in a stone, and an archery show. There may also have been a cool sprinkler and some "Please keep off the grass" signs, but they weren't as memorable as the dueling dragons. The castles were great, but still my favorite aspect was the gorgeous scenery that made up the backdrop. Stratford-Upon-Avon will have to wait upon another day, and Oxford will be recounted later as well. And there's a wedding tomorrow that will requite some commenatary.

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Bethany said...

David, who is that girl you're kissing?! Jeez, now I see why you really wanted to go to Europe... :)