10 June 2009

The Wedding

This past weekend I flew home- from London to Boston and back- to do my laundry. It's just getting so darn expensive over here and its very inconvenient to do laundry, so I thought I would be better off doing it at home. And lucky for me I did! It just so happened, unbeknown to me, that my sister was getting married in Boston that same weekend! Ha, it's the luck o' de Walrus! It was also fortunate that my suit was dry cleaned and I had a matching tie with all the other men in the wedding. The time change was crazy and brief, meaning I went to bed at 20.30 and woke up at 5.15 both mornings, but it was still worth it. I like my new brother-in-law and his moderately sized family, and the wedding day was a typical, Boston June day. The sun broke about noon for the luncheon and stayed crisp and warm all through the al fresco reception at 18.00. The reception was help at some family friends' and there were floating candelabras in the pool (well, actually they were just candles) and crepes galore. Spinach and cheese crepes, ham and cheese crepes, and fruit and fruit crepes. I had no less than one of each variety before deciding which one was the sweetest (the fruit ones), which one was the healthiest (the spinach ones) and which one was the least vegetarian (the ham ones). I got to see many friends from many places of many tan hues and skirt lengths. I got to interact with my new brother-in-law's brother, which consisted of a high five and a strange poetical reading contest, and I got to be with my immediate family. The wedding was a success and I am glad it coincided perfectly with my laundry schedule. By the way, you have to say that word "sed-jewel" like the British. With two sisters married, I am finally first in line to inherit he family fortune! AAAAHHHHH. Ok, it's getting late.


Lynn said...

Ha, good entry! I liked the crepes part. Have fun in Paris and Greece you lucky dog!

Jeff said...

Mom said that the one activity that all the kids seemed most interested in during the week was laundry. Jeff brought all our bedding from NY when he returned the next weekend. So funny. I'm glad we got to see you.