10 June 2009

Ox Fording Oxford

As Stratford-Upon-Avon fell into the Avon, thus changing its name to Stratford-At The Bottom Of-Avon, we took our coach to Oxford. Oxford must harbor intelligent people because the very idea of the campus was light years ahead of me. Apparently the university is composed of several different colleges that are spread out all over the town, each bearing the name "College of Cheese Making" or something like that. Each college had a separate fee to enter, which probably goes toward funding the cheese tasters as opposed to a tuition stipend. Anyway, I made the most of my time there; I visited the Oxford University Press and got a free copy of the Abridged-to-fit-in-your-pocket-Oxford-English-Picture-Dictionary-For-Kids, and I climbed to the top of a bell tower. From the top I could see the entire town as if I were playing Quidditch. I also went to the Oxford Museum which was a laugh and a half. It told the entire history of the town of Oxford, from the creation of the world (there was seriously some stuff about the geography of the area, such as the soil and rocks) up to 1975. Apparently they don't know anything about Oxford post 1975 because the museum just stopped telling history after that. It wouldn't have surprised me to learn there was a terrible tsunami or snowstorm in 1975 that gave everyone amnesia so that they are stuck in that year. The last room of the museum was all about fashion, entertainment and food in the Seventies, and everything in the museum had a Seventies-esque aura about it. There was a movie that was made on a £6 budget as well. For example, in the movie they showed a still frame of ChristChurch, only to have a big, double-decker, red bus drive right through the majority of the scene. In another still shot of The College of Ark Building there was an Asian tourist wheeling a suitcase through the entire picture. We laughed so hard the museum docent had to come around and scowl at us. Oxford was great, though. A beautiful city with history, confusing colleges, a press for books (not wine) and no oxen. After the trip we took our coach back to London and wrapped up the day.

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Jeff said...

HA! The museum sounds hilarious.