14 August 2009

An American Classic

Ashley looking glam on the Cobalt. That boat in the background was the Marine Patrol coming to cuff her for looking too good on the front of the boat. It's permitted on the back, but not up front. Kind of like a mullet.
Me slalom skiing. The 'water' coming off my ski is actually smoke from a fire. I was bending over to try and put it out, but unfortunately I left my extinguisher in my other swim trunks.
Taking a bite out of waterskiing. The handle tasted a bit like lobster with mustard sauce. I know, not at all what I expected.

Is there anything more classic Americana than waterskiing on Lake Winnipesaukee in the late, Wolfborough Summer? The only thing that comes to mind is eating watermelon while boating under some fireworks, on Lake Winnipesaukee in the late, Wolfborough Summer. I guess I was most of the way there, but not entirely. Maybe that's why I'm not President. I bet Obama's waterskiied with watermelon under fireworks on Lake Winnipesaukee in the late, Wolfborough Summer.
I am blessed to vacation.
I have two friends who conveniently invited me to crash their family reunions this week, both occuring in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee (hereafter 'Lake Winnipesaukee' will be simply referred to as 'The Lake'). Since there's two sides to every story, allow me to explain how the invitation went:
ME: Hey Man, I going for a drive in my Mom's minivan on Monday. Want to come?
FRIEND: Oh yea? Where are you going? Oh wait, I just remembered, I can't go. I have a family reunion on Monday!
ME: No way? I had no idea... Well, I was going to drive to 'The Lake.' Where's your reunion?
FRIEND: That's ironic, my reunion is on 'The Lake' too. I'd invite you, but it's going to be all family and I don't think we have room.
ME: Oh that's not a problem, I'll just sleep in my car! I'll be there by lunch on Monday! Gosh, thanks for inviting me! You know I just love your family! Your Mom, your Dad, your brother, your sister...
FRIEND: Ahhhh, I'm an only child, remember?
ME: Huh, I actually don't recall that. What, are you Matt? No? Ooooh, well that's embarassing. I guess I mistook you for another friend. Well, no matter! I'll see you at the reunion on Monday!
And thus I crashed two reunions.
On Monday it was Alton Bay for some pontoon boat action and beaching, followed by a midweek excursion to Tuftonborough for some waterskiing and wave running. The highlight of my two family jaunt was the togetherness by families other than my own. At the Starcks, my first destination, there were ten other people staying at their house- and me. At the Hafens, my second excursion, there were fifteen other people staying at their compound- and me. Some people party hop, some people bar hop, and I family-reunion hop! I regret nothing. 'The Lake' is a great place to get to know other families and relaxing on the beach or lake deck make for a cynosure of the Summer. There's much more to write about 'The Lake' but frankly I am feeling tremendous pressure from my editor to post this, so it will have to end there.


Becky said...

so carefree, so fearless to just invite yourself to other's reunions and then have a great time! glad you did it!

brook said...

man, dave, next time you have to pull the "i'm an only child card" because let me tell you, it works like a charm every single time. people feel bad that you can't have a huge family reunion, or that you have no family around for holidays, and thus the summer is an empty cauldron of once-filled stew of happiness. okay that made no sense, nonetheless, try it.
ps. those are mad skillz holding it with your mouth. your dentist must be proud.

siovhan said...

those editors. they really do put pressure on a person.

and i'm so jealous. i love lake winn. it's one of my favorite places to be during the summer.

and i know, i was a posting machine last week. i'm kind of ridiculous. but thanks for still reading.

i'm so glad you're loving life. and, heck, really livin it up.

p.s. i'm coming to provo in october--i must see you.