25 August 2009

What Would You Think About

I really like to write, and I really like you for reading what I really write. I write to please you and you and you and you with what I write. And hence, I am pleading for your input on my blog. Since October is my favorite month, and since this October will be the eighteen month anniversary of “David’s Holla Atchya Blog” (also known as “Wallace’s Holla Atchya Blog”) I want to make some changes to better facilitate your enjoyment. Some things I am considering, for your consideration:
· A new ‘template’ or ‘skin.’ I have received some complaints that the white on black makes readers dizzy. I almost got sued last Winter when one of my three readers got in an accident because she saw stars after reading my white-on-black post. Everything turned out alright, but just imagine if she had hit one of my other two fans? I’d be the only Holla Atchya Fan!
· Guest Appearances. I enjoy many other blogs, and find several of them to be quite provoking, provocative and prolific. With owners’ permission I might feature some posts by guest authors. That way my readers get some variety and other bloggers get more exposure, if they want it in a legal way.
· What would you like to read more about? How do you feel about the content on my blog? Would you like more commentary on current events? How about more sports commentary? Would you like me to include more stories, or more opinions? Would you like more spiritual, reverent posts? What would YOU like me to write about? Controversies? Maybe I could learn how to put videos on my bog (Wow, that’s stretching it)? Would you like pictures attached to each post? Some things will still be off limits, such as my opinion on ice cream (it will forever be a mystery), but mostly I’m willing to open up.
· Are you against advertisements on the side of my blog? What do you expect when you open up my blog?
· Are there themes you like to see, or skip over? Thus far I have described my posts as analogous to a weekly newspaper column. Do you like that? Do you only read my blog because I read yours? These are the questions I want you to truthfully answer and give me feedback on. Please let me know how I can be better! If you are nervous about leaving critical feedback (you shouldn't be) then leave your comments as anonymous.
I am going on a vacation to Yellowstone/Jackson Hole today, and will be away for a week. In that week I would invite you to think about how I could make this blog better- in your opinion- and leave a comment telling me how. You readers are the best! Get ready for David's Holla Atchya Blog 2.0 in October!


Carson said...

I like your movie reviews

Emily said...

Dave, I wouldn't change a thing. I especially like the wordplay sprinkled throughout.

Lyndsi Shae* said...

People will ask for all sorts of things.
You will write about them from your
please-audience place,
rather than your
this-is-me place.

Then we will hate reading it, because we catch this hint of something distant and unfamiliar. (Which is insincerity, because you are giving us what we asked for, instead of you.) See? We can't be satisfied. In the process you may totally neglect your this-is-me place, letting it get all lonely and even... musty. Gross. Forget us.

It happens to most kids that try to write for other people. It happens to me too. Don't lose your holla-atchya-genuine ability.
(But do pronounce it,
for effect.)

Carly said...

Sadie would like to do a guest post

Becky said...

I understand your desire to improve so I DO have suggestions: No need for video; I often don't watch them on peoples' blogs, but pictures would be fun...yes, change the background color or 'skin,' keep the great wordplay and great humor, but it'd be nice if you shortened your posts so one can have a bite-size David moment instead of a casserole...even if that means you post more often (which would actually be fun), it will be more user-friendly and inviting to your adoring masses. I don't want to suggest too much as to the content because it is great the way it is and I don't want to read contrived audience-pleasing stuff, but I'd love to read your opinions on current events or a reverent post now and then.

Brian said...

I'm going to have to agree with the idea of changing the background color. I can't tell you how many times I find myself on the floor after reading your blog and suffering an epileptic seizure. Oh, and now that you live next door, you should come visit us! I'll just be lying here on the floor...

T-Benz said...

I am in full favor of changing the skin. Some examples of good skins are http://www.engadget.com/ (minus the massive text) and http://macles.blogspot.com/. As for content I applaud Becky for hitting the nail on the head, more shorter posts are the way to go. You can even have a paragraph blurb on the main page and a longer article if they click on the article. Check out http://gizmodo.com/ for a spectacular example. I also agree with Lyndsi Shae about the originality, although i generally read the posts when I fancy the title. I also think you badly need a unique URL like http://hollaattcha.com/ or something similar. I'm not opposed to ads on the site, infact, I think if you put ads on the site you could come up with a monthly post about why the ads are ridiculous or why you enjoy them or whatever you want. I also have an ad blocker so I wouldnt see them anyways. :)

Short and sweet, as Becky said, and lose the white on black.