19 September 2009

Transformers II and Star Trek

Two recent trips to the Dollar Theatre come to mind:
Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen- Perhaps a more appropriate title would have been Transform Errors: Revenge of the Polluted Sequel. I was sorely disappointed and wished I could have transformed myself into a shorter movie. The characters were over done, like you'd expect roasting a marshmallow over a California wildfire. Holla
Star Trek- Now this movie was just downright well done, like you'd expect a 24 ounce Texas steak to be served to your denture-clad grandma. It had some amazing one-liners such as "Are you out of your Vulcan mind?" and a new pick-up line I'm dying to use: "I'll be watching your frequencies." The hard to understand astro physicist concepts were really broken down for us peons, such as what the Trekkies called "Red Matter" and "Black Holes." I appreciated this "Color followed by a Noun" version of science, and am currently trying to implement it; Chemistry would be make a heck of a lot more sense if I could just describe my results as "Blue Stuff," or "Green Gunk" instead of Bdellium, or whatever farrago I am trying to get off my hands. Holla Holla Holla Holla
How many Hollas will October 1st 2009 receive? You decide...


Symantha said...

You said Texas steak and made me miss home real bad ;)

Lyndsi Shae* said...

I can officially never be this funny. Ever.
Thanks for filling this quota. I should revert my readers to you after I depress them.

Also-- I left this comment on your brother post because I love Grant and I thought I could help.