20 September 2009

An Ode to a Brother

Grant and I in London, sitting on a park bench like told men playing Chess, only without the Chess board or the senectitude.
My only brother, Thomas Grant Bennett, is headed to the Missionary Training Center on 23 September to serve in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission. In addition to singing "Don't Cry For Me Argentina!" ceaselessly, he has impressed me- as he tends to do- with his preparation and halcyon attitude regarding his missionary service. As a brief memoir to our brotherhood, which isn't dying by his admission to the Empty Sea but rather is continuing strong and faithful, I am writing a few words about why he is the Man.
Grant and I riding a bike in Hawaii. The bike didn't actually move but it still reminds me of The Chaos.
I love his intelligence and his willingness to help, his hard and efficient work ethic, and his ability to be down for anything, anytime.  He's willing to serve and pursue whatever will make him happy. He is (by my terms) independently wealthy and quite generous with his resources, never looking for a reward. He doesn't allow himself to get in bad moods, and when he's motivated he will work his tail off.  I have lived with him in Hawaii, London, and Massachusetts and been cordially impressed with his ease; he is pleasant to get along with always and a fine roommate. He is a ladies man and receives cat calls when we are around. (Usually they are more than just "Meow," too.) He's an ideal brother and will make a spectacular missionary. Grant, I'll miss you but I couldn't be more pleased with your decision to serve, and those Argentines are blessed to have you around.


Becky said...

I second this ode; proud to have you in the family Thomas and you will be an excellent missionary! And David, that was so nice of you to come up to Logan and bring Bapak and see us. Thanks!

T-Benz said...

Thanks everyone, this was a pleasant surprise at the end of a challenging day. I would love to receive letters from anyone who is willing to write. And i'll see you in two years.

Lyndsi Shae* said...

Stoph went to a Buenos Aires mission!
(Not sure which one)
He knows a ton about Argentina, and practically pees his pants every time he gets to talk about it. If your brother's nervous, curious, or just pumped-- he should talk to him. His name is Chris Usher.
We broke up though, so minimal mention of me might be a good idea. Don't worry, I know he'll still want to talk to Grant-- even if its only through facebook.

Lynn said...

Aw, David is all alone now! We'll play, don't worry.