01 October 2009

October 1st 2009

October 1st has arrived, and as you can see (judging that you are not reading this in Braille), David’s Holla Atchya Blog has undergone some visually appealing changes. Yes, this is the surprise that you have been waiting on pins and needles antcipating. There are some things you should know about the new blog make-over, and some things you shouldn’t. (Actually, it’s a pretty open blog so you can know whatever you want about it. Just give me a Holla if you have a question.) In order to better facilitate your enjoyment of the new layout, I will explain some things that you may not have noticed about the Blog, due to their internal and highly secretive nature.
1. The façade has changed. This new template should make you so happy you want to pee your pants like a little puppy when he sees a dried, salted pig ear. The white on black was causing severe dementia from most of my readers, forcing them to leave comments such as “Please change the color scheme on your blog before I operate heavy machinery!” which I had reason to delete due to their graphic content.
2. The picture of me has been updated in order to be less current. The previous photo was from July 2009, the current one is from July 2008. I am pulling a Benjamin Button.
3. The blog links have been rejuvenated in order to more accurately represent active posts. Some people choose to only write when they have babies; those people have been eliminated. If you are offended that your link was deleted, either stop having kids or blog more often (hopefully the latter).
4. Some people requested shorter posts. But then my good writing friend told me not to conform to what others want because then it won’t be my writing. I have found a brilliant compromise. From now on, if a post is getting on with life, I will add a “Indulge on more…” link. This allows the beginning of the post to be available, and then and only then if you are interested you can read more. Otherwise, stop when you come to “Indulge on more…”

5. I would like to have some guest posts. I think my brother would make a fine guest author. He is on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I’m sure has many exiting and spiritual things to say. If you too would like to post something, let me know and I will send it through the approval process. (This consists of four stages: #1- You send it to me via email. #2- I print it out. #3- I retype it describing what you meant to say. #4- It gets posted on my blog. Step #2 is the most vital.). I have also- for the time being- added a gadget on the side so that you can add a link to the Blog via Facebook or Twitter, really fast. I have never used Twitter, and perhaps you have not either?
6. I have updated my profile, which includes my interests, favorite books and favorite movies.
There are some other minor changes, but mostly this exciting October 1st 2009 is a great big clean-up of Holla Atchya. I decided to launch it on October 1st 2009 because it is the Blog’s 18 month anniversary, and October is my favorite month. I am continually open for suggestions, and I hope you find the writing to be just as you had ever imagined it, but better. As if it came with ice cream.


Carson said...

I noticed that you got rid of our blog from the side and I was thinking you were a jerk.......then I read blog post and I understood why.

Lynn said...


Cat said...

A tad anticlimactic, I'm not going to lie. But I do like the falltime colours ... and the Benjamin Button reference... I think I'll get used to the newness.

Becky said...

glad it's here...where's the link to your updated profile?

Jenny said...

Anticlimactic? Who is that Cat girl? This was the highlight of my week!

Lauren Palmer said...

Nothing more visually appealing than a topless David Walrus Bennett.