15 November 2009

Some Significant Conversations of Late

Conversations that accomplish things occur all over the world, even on a daily basis. They just usually don't involve George W. Bush. (Ohhh, low blow! Why the hatred David? I actually do like him, and respect him wholly. But he could work on his eloquence. Seriously though, who couldn't work on that?) This week I had a few exchanges that were definitely noteworthy. I made of a note of it, and now I am transposing that note to a blog post.
While standing with my headphones in, rocking out to Celion Dion, a stranger (of the male persuasion), asked me to take my earbuds out. Upon acquiescing his request, he said to me, "Dude, I just have to tell you that your sideburns are awesome! I mean seriously, those things are sweet! Keep them strong!" Seeing as it happened at 7:30am, my entire day was improved. Thank you stranger. My sideburns have been likened to moss overgrowth on an otherwise healthy tree. (It was I that made that likening.) I am in need of a noggin mowing.
While walking home from Church, a friend (of the female persuasion) asked me what was going down this week. I told her I was looking forward to seeing an independent film at Sundance on Tuesday, to which she replied: "So... are you a nerd?" -'Yes, I am. I am studying math, what do you expect?' (Said with dignity and optimism.) No one has ever asked me straight up like that if I am a nerd. They have told me I am, but never asked such a question.
The third conversation of importance was between me and my MP3 player. It went something like this:
Me- "You sure do have some great music on you!"
MP3- "Thanks. You know, your're not too bad of a singer either!"
"Oh, stop flattering me! I'm nearly tone deaf."
"Well, thats probably becuase you always have me in your ears. I make people go deaf; it's a special talent of mine."
"Yes, MP3 player, I love you, but you do sometimes hurt my ears. I think I need some space. Should I lend you to someone else?"
"No, that won't be necessary. I'll just run out of batteries."
I think I listen to too much music; It's affecting not only my hearing, but also my psychological well being. I need a little break. Maybe now when you say Hi to me on campus I'll say Holla back (because I can actually hear you say Hi).


Jen R. said...

Its ok to be a nerd, since you have awesome sideburns. I married a studly nerd too. Seriously he invents things in his spare time in our basement. I'm not supposed to tell people so that they don't steal his ideas. hahahhaah. PS. I wish I could go to an independent sundance film. Thta's not nerdy, that's awesome. But that's coming from yet another nerd.

Viviana said...

Please share your aunt's work with Brook and tell her to share with me. (this is about your note on her blog)
I do have a comment about your blog though... I think the word "nerd" is overused... "Nerd: a despicable person who lacks social skills... or an intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular discipline or profession" which one are you?
I enjoy your thoughts... :)

Megan said...

Jen pretty much covered everything I was going to say, so there you go. I never really thought of you as a nerd, unless you want to be a nerd. In that case, you are the biggest nerd I have ever known.