13 January 2010

American Idol Massacre!

The other day I sat down for dinner with my wife and kids (only minus the wife and kids part) and- when the conversation got dehydrated- turned on the television. It was late in the evening (7:15pm) and I had had a long day in the Talmage building; my senses were numbed, dumbed, crumbed and willing to settle for anything. American Idol was on and, seeing as I enjoyed the previous episodes I watched, I kept it on. (My other option was a history of the progression of front doors from 'hanging cloth to wooden masterpieces,' which really didn't pique my interest.) And now for the provocative part of my blog: I was offended by American Idol! I watched it for a total of six minutes before thrusting my corndog in the VCR due to my extreme ire. Unfortunately (for me) the VCR was the only orifice I could locate on the entertainment center, and it didn't do anything to the television program. Now I have to buy my roommate a new VCR and the show stayed on irking me ruthlessly.

Here's what perturbed me about the show: The cameraman 'followed' a contest from Boston who had been waiting in line for about six hours to get his audition. When he walked in to sing the conversation went something like this (I will refer to the contestant as 'Baked Beans'):
Judges: How are you?
Baked Beans: Well, a little tired. I've been waiting for about six hours.
Judges: Are you kidding me? That's the first thing you give us, a complaint?
Baked Beans: No, I was merely saying how I feel. Sorry, it just came out.
Judges, in haughty voices meant only for your mother-in-law [I would know]: Hey Baked Beans, millions of people would love to be in your position right now! If you don't want to be here you can just leave! Do you realize how great this opportunity is for you?
Baked Beans: Ok, sorry.
Judges: Now, why are you here Mr. Baked Beans?
Baked Beans: Hmmm, isn't it kind of obvious? I'm auditioning for American Idol...
[I thought that was a funny, somewhat witty comment worthy of laughter. The judges used it as more ammo against our friend.]
Judges: Don't be sassy with us Baked Beans! You know what we meant!
The conversation went on with Baked Beans saying normal things and the judges using him as a victim of reality television. I think they had singled him out early on since they followed him through his waiting period and then into the audition. They exaggerated everything he did and castigated his lightest comments. They made a victim out of him for the audience's pleasure! Oh, it burns! Reality Show Victims are all over the television, getting their images destroyed left and right and being insulted so that the viewers can have a laugh back in their homes. ARGHH!
Alright, that's all I have to say on that.


Symantha said...

I agree. When I was watching him I thought he was a little annoying that he was so upset, but then Kara attacked him and I was on his side. What did he DO? And he wasn't even that bad...

Becky said...

ooh, a controversial topic David...so I agree with you that talk shows and reality shows just exploit people BUT those people have CHOSEN of their own free will to go on those shows.

Jenny said...

This is your first blog I've ever read aloud. I happened to open it up while I was on the phone with Triche, so I thought I'd read it to her. When I got to the part about the corndog, I LOL. I've now decided to read all your blogs out loud. Yep.