01 January 2010

Movie Reviews: State of Play, Scoop, Sherlock Holmes

Lest you think I did too much reading this break, allow me to allay your fears with some critical movie reviews.
State of Play (2009)- Excellent movie. It had Rachel McAdams, journalism, action, current events, and brilliant suspense. I loved all of it. It put into question the necessity of journalism and the deviancy of certain politicians. The basic theme was a politician who is involved in an affair with the enemy, and how his good friend, a journalist, interprets the story and does some of his own detective work. Yes, I would recommend the movie. It had Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe, and Helen Mirriam too. Holla Holla Holla Holla.
Scoop (2006)- This movie was a real gamble for me. I found it in the chasm of the couch and its label said, entirely and exclusively, "Scoop." It may have been about ice cream; it may have been about a canine named 'Scoop,' or some other variation. Turns out it had some uncanny similarities to State of Play, meaning the scoop referred to a newspaper story lead. Featuring Scarlett Johansen, Hugh Jackman, and Woody Allen, it was well done. Mr. Allen stole the show with his slurred stutters and nonsensical sense of alacrity. The plot was murderous and still light-hearted. It was very British throughout and very delightful. Holla Holla Holla Holla.
Sherlock Holmes (2009)- This flick rounded out my 'S filmS' hat trick. Again with Rachel McAdams (and Jude Law, Robert Downey Junior), it was well acted. The director (some Guy who used to be married to Madonna) chose to introduce black magic and other mysticism involuntarily into the film, although their role was especially mysterious in the concluding scenes. I enjoyed the slow motion shots and the gumption of the dexterous Holmes, although this liberal interpretation was not how I would imagine a film from the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books to be, if I were to read them. It was a decent movie but don't expect me to see the sequel in the theaters. Holla Holla Holla Hi.


Carson said...

Dave, I just saw Sherlock Holmes tonight. I completely agree. Since you didn't tell us how many hollas, I would give it Holla Holla. I was highly disappointed in it. It also seems you have a thing for Rachel McAdams.

Emily said...

I love the Holla system.

Megan said...

I actually loved Sherlock Holmes, and I don't think it is only because I have been in love with Robert Downey, Jr. since I was 6 (that is not an exaggeration). There are so many different film versions that I was grateful for a new interpretation. If you look up Sherlock Holmes on wikipedia, you will find that it was actually quite accurate, especially in regards to his vices and fighting abilities. The only thing about the movie that perturbed me was the obvious set-up for a sequel, although Professor Moriarty is the arch nemesis throughout the whole Holmes series, so even if there weren't a sequel, the ending would still make sense.

Laura said...

State of play was amazing! We rented it a couple of weeks ago, but never heard about it when it was in theatres...weird. I loved sherlock holmes. I'm excited for a sequel, especially because i think the black/dark magic will not be the main...focus. I loved it!