21 May 2010

Historic Heat

Well, my undercover blogging is probably not necessary anymore. The lockdown has been lifted, the red-shirts went home or to jail, most (physical) fires have been extinguished, and the attention in Thailand is turning back to mangoes, mopeds, monasteries & monks, massages, and marsupials. (I threw that last one in there just because I wanted to see if I knew how to spell it.) I went back to my school (Ban Nag Kuak School) without my fellow farang (Caucasian/Westerner) who is engaged in his second day of sickness. 'Like knives to the stomach' he describes. I taught my little Thai babies how to count to 100 and beyond, what the color purple was, and how to form basic sentences such as "The teacher is purple." Hehe, I love messing with their minds. Just kidding- they are too precious to mess around with. These kids are great. They run up to you and shout "Hello! Good Afternoon Teeeeechir!" and stick their hand out for you to shake.

It's really hot here. No, seriously, like really hot. I think this might be the Devil's sauna. Today I took a nap and realized that my mosquito netting-thin as it is- was creating a type of oven right in my wooden room. I say oven because sure enough, I had my frozen Bagel Bites under my pillow and when I went to grab one for a snack they were all cooked through. I opened up the netting but was still undecided on the window curtain. If it's open the direct sunlight shines on my bed raising the temperature by at least four degrees Fahrenheit, and bugs fly in. If I close the blind there is not much airflow and it gets at least four degrees Fahrenheit warmer. I have a bottle of much needed and used Pepto Bismal on my desk and it has partially boiled and evaporated. There is pink residue on the sides from where it evaporated and condensed.
I laid down to rest this afternoon and my room was a stifling 104F. The sweat secreted from my skin like hot oil spreads on a wok. Speaking of which, there is no need to heat water here- it does so naturally. The water out of the tap comes out warm and there is certainly no furnace in this house.
My favorite word to decipher here in Thailand is 'daughter.' A teacher told me yesterday her doctor was 20 years old and attending Chaing Mai University. I could not for the life of me figure out why she was telling me randomly about her doctor and why her doctor was only 20 and still in school. It all sounded very sketchy to me. Then again, there isn't much in this country that is like America so I figured maybe that's just how they roll in Thailand. Turns out she was telling me about her 'daughter,' not her 'doctor.' Ha!

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Bethany said...

Aww the kids sound so cute!! I've heard about these cooling vests they make for military personnel to wear with their gear.. you should look into one..